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The Savings Bank was cast in metal

the Savings Bank declared transaction closing on acquisition by the affiliated structure of Joint-Stock Company Rusvtormet the Center the former actives of group MAIR in the south of Russia. Until recently the bank remained the largest creditor of the group which enterprises has counted payments of debts. To sell not completed metal works in the Rostov region and Stavropol Territory now it is impossible, therefore, most likely, the bank will develop them, experts consider.

the Savings Bank of the Russian Federation has got 75 % of actions of Joint-Stock Company Rusvtormet the Center the metal works owning actives located in a city Red Sulin of the Rostov region, and armaturnogo the factory located in the city of Georgievsk of Stavropol Territory, it is told in the bank communique. Actions of two metallurgical factories - Joint-Stock Company the Rostov factory (were STAKS) and Arzila - Will be under control of affiliated structure of the Savings Bank - Open Company SBK Metal . Transaction details in bank do not open. It is known that the debts of group against creditors on the end of 2009 made almost 5,6 mlrd roubles, from which 2, 25 mlrd roubles - before the Savings Bank which was the largest creditor of the company.

in a press - centre Severo - the Caucasian bank of the Savings Bank which financed projects MAIR, have explained that all debts of group have been transferred in the Savings Bank - the capital (the affiliated structure of the Savings Bank working with problem debts). The source at the central office of the Savings Bank has confirmed that actives MAIRa have been counted debt payments. To phone to a group management yesterday it was not possible. Phones krasnosulinskogo and georgievskogo metzavodov did not answer.

the representative of management of economy of administration of Krasnosulinsky area has informed that does not know about a situation at the enterprise. we with them do not have for a long time already any communication - he has told. In the beginning of May zamgubernatora the Rostov region Sergey Nazarov has told to journalists that sulinsky metzavod on - former stands idle, and has promised to pedal its bankruptcy in case the Savings Bank and MAIR decisions on destiny of the enterprise will not make.

both factories are under bankruptcy procedure almost year, on them competitive management is entered. According to an arbitration court site, the list of creditors of the enterprises which number monthly increases is now established. Only at sulinskogo their factory some tens.

Joint-Stock Company Staks (Red Sulin, the Rostov region) and Open Society Arzil enter into Open Society Industrial group MAIR which gain in 2008 has made about $800 million Group MAIR has submitted has put in the statement for bankruptcy of two actives in the summer of 2009. President MAIRa Victor Makushin explained such decision falling of demand for building armature and decrease have arrived that has caused delay on credit payments of Severo - to the Caucasian Savings Bank. By means of bankruptcy in MAIR the stop of manufactures tried to avoid.

the Savings Bank tried to block bankruptcy of factories, accusing a group management of unwillingness to return credits. In September of last year of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of Stavropol Territory has brought actions under article Swindle concerning a management Arzila . Under the version of the investigation, unstated persons from among directors have caused to the Savings Bank a damage on 2,25 mlrd roubles which the group took on reconstruction krasnosulinskogo factory. In a month criminal case after suspicion in illegal business has been raised against the former director Staksa Sergey Musatov. The enterprise about one year made a steel from a breakage of ferrous metals without the licence of Rostehnadzora, have informed then in the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of the Rostov region. To arrest mister Musatov of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs last year it was not possible, as that has dropped out of sight of law enforcement bodies. Now, by words the press - the secretary of department of Ekaterina Danovoj, Sergey Musatov is already detained, is in a pre-trial detention centre, and on business investigatory actions " are carried out;. In what stage there is a consequence about swindle on Arzile yesterday it was not possible to find out.

According to experts, the Savings Bank will be compelled to be engaged now in development of two metzavodov, got to it for debts. the bank long could not be defined what to do with sulinskim factory. At first he wanted it to sell, but and has not found the buyer. Therefore it had most to develop manufacture - the representative of one of Rostov metallotrejderskih the companies has informed on the condition of anonymity. According to general director Rusmet Victor Kovshevnogo, the Savings Bank managed quite good actives if to restructure their debts and to debug the production technology. To be put in their development it makes sense, taking into account a geographical arrangement of factories. It is necessary to understand that at the enterprises it is necessary to debug up to the end the production technology that the cost price of their production was competitive. But the volume of demanded additional investments can be up to standard $50 million Suppliers of a breakage will are glad, if factories earn, it is possible to be assured that the next 2 years factories will be provided by raw materials . Cost of both enterprises, which reconstruction have not been finished, mister Kovshevnyj estimates in $40 - 60 million If to present that the enterprises are completely modernised, at preservation of operating capacities their cost would vary from $100 to 130 million - he has specified.