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At what here a paintball

the Paintball - fashionable game in war for adults - is used for a long time for trainings of special troops not only in Israel. But on serious operations toy guns yet did not take
the Gun for a paintball shoot gelatinous balls with a paint. They are safe. But hit by such ball at a short distance painfully enough. Therefore in game rules shooting in an emphasis is forbidden. And in situations of dispersal of demonstrations, suppressions of disorders quite approaches. The shot at a short distance on feet can stop the raged demonstrator. Still pejntbolnym it is possible to mark with a ball the instigator then to catch in crowd.

Israeli kommandos have directed on operation against pacifists - peacemakers without automatic machines, but have armed pejntbolnymi with guns that nevertheless not with barehanded to go down on a deck. Who will rage immoderately - it is possible to set on feet.

the problem kommandos was accurate: To land aboard group in 10 persons, to reach cabin and to force the captain to turn a vessel. The problem of the resisting party as experts in Israel consider, consisted in other: to leave after itself corpses, let even the.

following the results of fight it is possible to judge, how much both parties have consulted with the fighting problems.