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the Organizer of the auctions - the competitive managing director MUP Service of the Uniform Customer of the city of Shumerlja (the Chuvash Republic, Shumerlja, street ShChorsa, d. 4, OGRN 1022101828869, an INN 2108000930,) the Initial price - 2740320 rbl. the Price of the offer with 12 informs on carrying out of the repeated auctions by means of the public offer of a debt receivable of the population for housing and communal services at a rate of 9540000 rbl. 06. 2010 on 15. 06. 2010 inclusive - 1918224 rbl., from 16-19. 06. 2010 inclusive - 1342757 rbl., from 20-23. 06. 2010 inclusive - 939930 rbl., from 24-27. 06. 2010 inclusive - 657951 rbl., from 28-01. 07. 2010 inclusive - 460566 rbl., from 02-05. 07. 2010 - 322396 rbl., from 06-09. 07. 2010 - 225677 rbl., from 10-13. 07. 2010 - 157974 rbl., from 14-17. 07. 2010 - 110582 rbl., from 18-21. 07. 2010 - 77407 rbl.

To participation in the auctions persons who can be recognised by buyers under the legislation of the Russian Federation, in due time made an application on participation in the auctions, documents applied on them and brought the deposit at a rate of 10 % from initial cost for the certain period of time on following requisites are supposed: MUP Service of the Uniform Customer of Shumerlja Shumerlinsky OSB 5836, an INN/ a check point 2125003579/ 212501001, r/ with 40702810075170000618 in Chuvash OSB 8613, BIK 049706609, to/ with 30101810300000000609. Demands of the established sample with the offer at the price (figures and in words) are accepted in the working days with 09. 00 to 16. 00, to the address: 429120, the Chuvash Republic, Shumerlja, street ShChorsa, d. 4, kab. 7 (89278600582). The right of acquisition of a debt receivable belongs to the applicant who has submitted the first when due hereunder the demand at the price of the offer and has confirmed the full and unconditional consent to sign the purchase and sale contract. After registration of the first demand demands acceptance stops. The winner of the auctions the participant who has submitted first demand at the price, established for the certain period of tendering admits. Following the results of the auctions the report is made out. The report on results of the auctions stands out to the winner or its plenipotentiary on receipt in day of summarising of the auctions then with the winner the purchase and sale contract subscribes. Payment of a got debt receivable is made by the buyer immediately or not later than 3 calendar days from the date of the conclusion of the contract of purchase and sale.