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the Organizer of the auctions - competitive operating MT the Seven-Luksky market (an INN/ a check point 3628002608/ 362801001, Seven-onions of the Voronezh region) - Grigorov Yury Ivanovich spends (ph. 59-61-99) 13. 07. 10 at 09 o`clock. 00 minutes the public auctions on sale of following property of the debtor with the open form of giving of offers on the price: the Prize 1 - Vegetable tent, the Booth, Odnoskatnyj a vegetable canopy 2 pieces Covered a vegetable canopy of 2 pieces, the Fence with collars, Pavilion of meat 120 sq. m, the Pack razrubochnaja 5 pieces, the Table metal 51 pieces (Seven-onions, the area near the station, 4); the Covered vegetable canopy (Seven-onions, Gagarin`s street, 39). The initial price of a prize 373323,74 rbl. (without the VAT), the deposit - 74664 rbl., a step of auction 30000 rbl. the Venue of the auctions, demands acceptance, summarising, acquaintance with property and the full information on the auctions, signing of the contract on the deposit - in the working days from 10 o`clock. Till 16 o`clock. To the address: 394068, Voronezh, street Holzunova, d. 38, of. 127. For participation in the auctions it is necessary to 08. 07. 10 To submit in writing the application form for participation in the auctions, notarially certified copies of constituent documents, the documents confirming powers of the applicant, to bring the deposit on r/ with 40702810613000004029 in TSCHB SB Russian Federation BIK 042007681, to/ with 30101810600000000681. The winner - appointed the greatest price. Summarising in 30 minutes after the auctions, the contract with the winner and payment - 23. 07. 10