Rus News Journal

36 - 0003112

the Organizer of the auctions - the competitive managing director MUP Zelenstroj , informs on sale of invaluable property by one prize by open auction with giving of the offer on the price in the open form with step on increase of 1 % from the initial price.

the initial price - 191 225 rbl. 00 kop

Auction will take place 13. 07. 2010 at 15 o`clock. 00 minutes, to the address: Voronezh, street Road, 18, to. 68.

To participation in the auctions are supposed legal and physical persons who can be recognised by buyers under the legislation of the Russian Federation.

the deposit - 20 % from the initial price are brought on r/ with 40702810501600000027 in Open Society Kurskprombank Kursk, to/ with 30101810800000000708, BIK 043807708, an INN 463203355, in time demands acceptance.

Will familiarise with auction conditions, characteristics of objects, a demand tax it is possible with 15. 06. 10 to 12. 07. 10 On an auction venue.

the winner of the auctions the person who has offered the greatest price admits. The purchase and sale contract consists during 10 dn. From the moment of summarising of the auctions, payment is carried out not later than a month from the date of the contract conclusion.

in a case if the first auctions will not take place, held the repeated auctions on the same conditions 13. 08. 10 of the Application form for participation in the repeated auctions are accepted with 14. 07. 10 on 12. 08. 10