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Kurort Lja Bol is and not a resort even, and the bourgeois health resort which has been stretched on whole 9 kilometres along the Atlantic coast. An infinite promenade, marching on which, it is possible to reach the Brittany. And though the city of Lja the Pain costs hardly to the south of mentioned apellasona, local residents is proud call itself Bretons. However, to us, observant travellers, considerably that Lja the Pain is at all Brittany with its severe fishing customs, and the frontier territory of high society, contrived to absorb in itself all the best is faster, than coastal France is famous. There is here something from Dovillja of the period of the oyster Renaissance, Biarritz of times of Coco Chanel and provanskogo Grass buninskoj epoch.

in Lja the Pain, truth, secular characters do not go almost and if happen here, incognito, the blessing in this small town though it and small, to get lost as easy as shelling pears. It is enough to get on a white uniform which give out to all without an exception to lodgers Royal - Thalasso Barriere, and it is possible to saunter easy on dark corridors of the construction draped with a velvet.

Royal - Thalasso Barriere acts as the catalyst of human migrations, provoking at conservative Parisians (capital - all in three hours` journey) steady desire to break with familiar spots and to a rustle of hems on carpet paths to prefer an impudent crunch in the simplicity of the starched dressing gowns. Go here for the only purpose - days without a break to luxuriate in sea terms, and evenings, having dressed up, to defile on quay.

Talassosanatory Royal - Thalasso Barriere, opened in the beginning of the last century, carefully stores traditions which, apparently, are forgotten for a long time. Jacque Garsija, the architect of all hotels of network Barriere is involved in it. The genius dekoratorskih hints, it could adapt Neonorman architectural thought for current time. It has reunited modern comfort with grace of the provoker and faultlessness of the illusionist c prudish classics. Curve mirrors, silk draperies and period period furniture belle epoque adjoin here c plasma panels, wireless access to the Internet and other digital excesses.

however, mirrors, the Internet cannot compete to pearl baths where lodgers with an enviable constancy immerse within the limits of a curative course. These baths are dated a XIX-th century - while lie in such, apparently, that time has stopped. In Lja Bole in general all occurs as if in slow motion. Many characterise a city in a word - freakish . For example, only here, perhaps, the tradition of an evening secular bathing is kept, and, walking on quay, wait that here now by all means there will be a handsome man with is dashing tightened up moustaches in a swimming suit. Here all also appreciate riding and ezhevecherny konkur - the best entertainment for pensioners sauntering on a promenade.

everything that happens in Lja Bole, is an incessant religious rite. Ritual with once and for all certain rules. Even banal, apparently, the campaign for sardines (one of the main things local spetsialitetov) turns to event of high society. The assortment seldevyh should be observed in a little shop where anything except these sardines is not present. And all is arranged with such grace, as though it not a fish bench, and at least perfumery boutique Serge Lutens in Parisian Pale the Grand piano. On each tin (them here hundreds the most different forms and shades), the drawn silk tape, sign AOC solemnly flaunts.

Traditions is a strong base of local well-being. Terry dressing gowns of lodgers of hotel are by all means replaced by a supper by evening dresses. The glass of champagne Veuve Clicqot under slow conversations as is obligatory, as an invariable shower of Sharko three times a week. Local treatment carries not so much medical, how many a philosophical shade. All these baths, seaweed, aerobics operate on consciousness umirotvorjajushche. However, it is not necessary to belittle nevertheless the medical importance of procedures which for years were developed by the best French physicians. Nevertheless Royal - Thalasso Barriere is first of all the finest sanatorium where an organism clean from toxins, and consciousness - from the notions of compulsion.

it is less than on week to come here simply there is no sense. The blessing the majority of packages are addressed those who has decided to be treated not by parts, and with the doomed thoroughness. Here to you and the programs directed on disposal of ill-fated superfluous kgs, and employment for the future mums, and the harmonising courses addressed by that who stays in a stressful condition.

If will be going to grow thin, be ready to that the head cook specially will develop the ruthless gastronomic menu for you. It does not mean at all that it having appeared in Lja the Pain, it is necessary to tighten a belt more tightly (that there is a dietary many-storeyed dish with the freshest seafood). But it is better to replace nevertheless a habitual rhythm of life, and to culinary carelessness to prefer gymnastics in pool, rinsing in baths, obertyvanie seaweed and the pedestrian walks by quiet evenings. And it without considering any massages, acupuncture and other shiatsu with which here drill lodgers to an unconsciousness.

army usages stop with end of a day course. If in the afternoon lodgers Royal - Thalasso Barriere are under control patients after sunset it gives full freedom of movings. The general director of hotel Pierre Sanchez, the charming growing grey Breton so explains the project concept: It is necessary to be treated with pleasure that is why visiting a golf - fields or priotelnogo the casino after procedures at all is not forbidden. No less than a wine glass at supper if only it does not become the first drop at boundless ocean of alcoholic serenity.

this Aquitania centre of thalassotherapy accustoms to be engaged in the health thoughtfully and with pleasure. It even not treatment absolutely, and the certain spiritual experts indispensable disposal of hated kgs, metabolism adjustment in an organism and so on becomes which result. The main thing, we will repeat, not to hasten anywhere. And by all means to take with itself some complete sets of evening dresses.

now in hotel special offer Thalgo Maman - Bebe operates. The program includes 3 procedures of thalassotherapy in day, 2 individual procedures on a choice: a hydromassage bathroom, a shower - sharko, correcting massage, an underwater shower, obertyvanie with sea seaweed, pressoterapija, etc. Also within the limits of the program 1 group procedure is offered. On a choice: akvagimnastika, exercises for growing thin, pool, hydrofitness. Besides, 4 sessions in a week under the recommendation of the doctor, among which are provided: a diet, exercises on a back, sofrologija, 1 procedure on face care for 30 minutes For the child: 1 procedure of thalassotherapy in day every other day within 5 days and 3 sessions of training to swimming during which time the child opens for itself in sea bathing in water together with parents.