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In Abakan have cut silicon

In Abakan (Republic Khakassia) has passed meeting against building in a city of Abakan factory of semi-conductor materials (AZPM) the structures under control to Oleg Deripaska. In meeting has taken part an order of 7 thousand persons. The member who has arrived to Abakan of political council of movement Solidarity Boris Nemtsov has promised that if factory building is not stopped, meetings become constants. The republic authorities have accused opposition that it politizes a problem .
Meeting against building of silicon factory has passed in Abakan on the May Day square of the city. It was organised by deputies of the local City Council and active workers of movement Solidarity . On the eve of meeting the City Council has forbidden building in city boundaries ecologically dangerous undertakings. meeting is only the first step because we do not doubt that factory will construct not in a city, so in its vicinities - Tatyana Cherednichenko has declared the deputy of the City Council.

AZPM belongs to Open Company Russian silicon . This structure enters in under control to Oleg Deripaska En + Group. Capacities of the enterprise are supposed to be placed in territory of the former steel foundry. Planned capacity - 4 thousand tons of polycrystalline silicon a year. It will be used for manufacturing of solar batteries. On AZPM can be occupied more than 1,3 thousand persons. To begin building it is planned in 2010.

in the Department of Internal Affairs of Khakassia have declared that on the area has come 3 thousand persons. In movement Solidarity assure that 7 thousand to Support them there has arrived a member of federal political council of movement Boris Nemtsov. Orators of more hour said that AZPM will strike blow to ecology of a city and health of its inhabitants . According to the leader of city initiative group We want to live! Denis Pavlova, for silicon processing the extremely poisonous chemical substance trihlorsilan will be used. It is so dangerous that its manufacture is forbidden in many countries of the world.

among participants there were many young men in gas masks, medical bandages and suits of chemical protection. is not present to silicon factory, we choose life! - it was informed in developed gathered posters. Originally meeting was planned as not political, however mister Nemtsov nevertheless has declared that the action became the mass action of opposition in Khakassia over the last ten years . the Main output of today`s meeting that inhabitants of Abakan have realised the force and will struggle for the city up to the end - he has declared, having assured that meetings against factory building become constants. In the total resolution participants of meeting have demanded from the city and republican authorities Resolute actions on an unconditional interdiction of building of factory in a city . In Open Company Russian silicon on the action did not begin to make comments.

the authorities of Khakassia have accused opposition in problem politicisation . As to Nemtsov for it it is the next public relations. Has simply successfully seized a theme - have declared in a press - service of the government of republic. And the head of Khakassia Victor Zimin has called not to politize a theme of building of factory and to wait results of state expert appraisal . Its text should appear in July.