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Russia and the USA are close to the conclusion of the contract on adoption

Russia and the USA have co-ordinated substantive provisions of the bilateral contract on adoption. In particular, the arrangement on creation of special licence agencies and visits of adopted children checking in families is reached.
the representative on June, 17th has informed on break at negotiations at the president of the Russian Federation by the rights of the child Pavel Astakhov. According to the contract, licence agencies on adoption will be created, and all not accredited intermediaries are excluded from process. Besides, the future parents will be obliged to pass a special course. Checks as the child was arranged in a new family will be spent also. According to Pavel Astakhov, the American side has agreed that the contract will have a retroactive effect to protect children adopted earlier. He has noticed that negotiations passed structurally Also could be already finished, if the American representatives did not need time for the coordination of positions of the document with the legislation of several states. Work on the contract has begun after in April, 2010 the foster mother from Tennesi has sent 7 - summer Artema back to Russia with a note in which refused it. After that adoptions of Russian children by Americans has practically stopped, reminds AP.