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The incorporated kitchen

Yes will be noor!
New Noor Bar Sergey Pokrovsky and Michael Labin, the former co-owners of a known bar " have opened; 30/ 7 . The concept of a bar card has removed from Petrovsky parkway on Tver - both in a former institution, and in new skilled and widely known barman Marat Saddarov in Moscow on which knowing public goes as on performance works. In a card appears only ten base cocktails, all the rest prepares spontaneously, under the order, under weather, under mood and even under colour of eyes. Noor Bar, as well as its predecessor, stakes on human dialogue, and for edinomyslie visitors: in the small hall designed by Sergey Pokrovsky, seasonally it is exposed on four huge author`s photos of one press photographer anyhow involved in military subjects. Noor - the international agency of military press photographers, and though completely not all authors Noor Bar are obliged to be members of the association with the same name, all of them are with each other familiar and connected by the general knowledge and business. Thus the photo-exhibition subjects can be any, the main thing as speaks Pokrovsk, a question of persuasiveness of language. However, looking at huge photographs of Chilean Thomas Munity, anybody, most likely, also will not guess this undercover drama underlying reason which has unostentatiously affected and a bar interior. Walls it is solar - yellow Moroccan tone the English patient a turquoise ceiling in style of the African heavens Bertolucci, spreading fans over a bar counter in the spirit of Coppola, a bar counter finished white hospital Tile and varnish it is dark - green panels of colour of dead turquoise, crystal spheres - chandeliers, the big rectangular mirror hanging in an end face of a hall so that in it infinite depth of the world behind the looking-glass, - all these neutral in itself details under flash of the speaking name is formed (noor on - it is Arabian light ) Develop in a uniform expressive image. So the war and peace theme, to be exact, oppositions and interosculations of two different cultures into the bar menu nicely reveals. By the way, a gastronomic theme for founders Noor Bar absolutely new, in 30/ 7 if remember, no meal existed. This time in a role of the gastronomic adviser of the project Svetlana Kesojan, whose firm culinary handwriting developed in " has acted; SHanti (which co-owner it is seven years), has had as it is impossible by the way in a new bar. English colonial kitchen, bar London kitchen, evropejsko - the Arabian fusion - for this style it is possible to think out any names, but the essence remains invariable: the East is the East, the West is the West and to it has come it is time to converge on one plate. Most obviously it is visible on an example of hot dishes from the basic menu. So, classical duck grudku with karamelizirovannymi lukovkami - shalot effectively accompanies spicy mashed potatoes from batata with ginger (480 rbl.), and mutton rebryshki, baked in the African spices, supplements mashed potatoes from batata with coriander leaves (480 rbl.). The Set the teeth on edge theme of mashed potatoes gets absolutely unexpected turn thanks to exotic products, but at the same time keeps house slivochno - pacifying essence. The same magic transformation occurs and to breakfasts (they are offered since ten mornings till six mornings, that is practically at any time): usual porridge (180 rbl.), prepared with burbonom and pine nuts, leaves pjanjashche - heating poslevkusie ( Favourite morning meal of English colonizers on a safari, only they added in a kettle with whisky and pistachio porridge - Svetlana Kesojan), boiled rice (220 rbl.) explains Prepared on - tajski, on coconut milk, it is decked by solar slices of a fresh mango, and two gentle eggs pashot (250 rbl.) move with ostrovatoj the green string bean generously seasoned with vinegar, kapersami and a tarragon. And certainly, at the menu of breakfasts are present firm kesojanovskie (they traditional English) rolls scon ` s, this time square, fresh, with raisin on which whipped cream, strawberry jam and coffee/ tea (230 rbl.) is applied. But we will return to the basic menu which operates with 12. 00 to 22. 00. Except two aforementioned combinations of attention the half of a chicken deserves, marinaded with coffee and spices at the expense of what it takes extraordinary swarty form and is sweetish - the spiciness underlined by sauce from cream, espresso, latte and bacon, and moves accompanied by cool salad korn, filled with natural yoghurt, an onions and pine nuts (450 rbl.) . By the way, this salad moves and is independent (280 rbl.), making a worthy competition to green salad with fried goat cheese and pesto of parsley (380 rbl.). One more important gain were vegetable dishes which move as independent main course, is absolutely normal phenomenon for Europe which for a long time has got rid of such atavism, as garnishes. Absolutely high-grade status in Noor Bar have ratatuj (280 rbl.), a green string bean in the African spices with ginger (180 rbl.), purely English drunk chicory with bacon, tomlennyj in sidre (180 rbl.), gentle green peas in creamy sauce with bacon, young poreem, proshutto and a tarragon (180 rbl.) and a huge portion of the young potato baked with grasses and garlic in parchment (180 rbl.) .

Besides, there is a special bar menu (it operates from ten o`clock till six o`clock, as well as breakfasts), intended for a sit-round gathering behind a rack and most of all similar on author`s tapas - a bar. In it there are fritters from grechihi with filadelfiej and red caviar (180 rbl.), the spicy combs which have been wrapped up in proshutto, with pesto from parsley and vjalenymi tomatoes (180 rbl.) and magnificent pastes in banks - from a chicken liver with port with which it is necessary to smear on the crackling white toasts fried on a grill (220 rbl.), and from a smoked salmon and salad korn with crackling translucent toasts from grey bread with large salt (220 rbl.). It is possible to carry To the same bar nomination and the majority of cooling desserts led by granite from pink grapefruit and ginger (240 rbl.) Which moves in three glasses - specially that it was possible to treat friends behind a bar counter. By the way, and all other desserts are made with the thin account of bar specificity: frozen sillabab Champagne and Limonchello (on 180 rbl.), chocolate St. Emillion and sorbe from a lemon grass, lajma and green tea (on 220 rbl.) Have besides delicate flavouring strongly pronounced toning up and sobering properties.

old the Grand piano
Cafe the Grand piano on Garden also has addressed for the gastronomic help to Svetlana Kesojan, whose settled reputation of the culinary adviser - reanimatora causes the deserved respect of victualers. However, unlike owners Noor Bar which has entrusted menus of the institution in competent hands completely and undividedly, owners the Grand piano have managed half measures so now in the updated menu it is necessary to dig, separating grains from plevel. To facilitate this boring problem to the readers, I result here all those dishes which should be ordered in cafe the Grand piano . Well in - the first, of course, firm kesojanovskie scon ` s to which it slowly but surely accustoms Moscow, with cheese parmesan and butter (140 rbl.) . In - the second, remarkable toasts with a mozzarella and a fresh basil (320 rbl.), expiring amber oil and lasting hot cheese threads. Still necessarily it is necessary to try burgers which move at all in a roll with kunzhutom, and in a crackling bubble from a musical paper (not so long ago we already faced this original Italian bread on the Balcony ). To reach a burger, it is necessary to pierce a plug crackling sphere from the most thin test and to find out inside a cutlet from rublenoj mutton with karamelizirovannym in balzamiko onions and green salad (290 rbl.), or a cutlet from rublenoj pork with a tomato and young adzhikoj (270 rbl.), or a turkey with sauce chilli, ginger, a cucumber and mikst - salad (250 rbl.) . Certainly, such interpretation of the American sandwich hardly will seem to fans of French fries and a white loaf attractive, but to the visitors opened to new culinary impressions the Grand piano for certain it will be pleasant. Juicy and fragrant meat quenelles are calculated on wider gastronomic audience with the ginger, served by mashed potatoes and cowberry jam (320 rbl.), absolutely house and is recognised the Swedish. So they can be ordered on hotter without reflecting. And for a dessert necessarily it is necessary to try a lemon pudding with vanilla sauce (140 rbl.) and nourishing apple krambl with the almonds, submitted in a tea cup (200 rbl.).

Noor Bar (****)
the Grand piano (***)