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The politician has passed by prison

In Omsk the sentence is pronounced to a member of political council of regional branch of party “ the Just cause “ to the general director of Open Company “ the Panorama - the centre “ to Vladimir Shirshov. The court recognised the businessman guilty of application of violence concerning the inspector of traffic police and has sentenced to two years of imprisonment conditionally. In the Office of Public Prosecutor asking for the businessman of real imprisonment for a period of five years, have not excluded that will appeal against sentence.
as have informed yesterday in a press - service of investigatory committee at Office of Public Prosecutor (SKP) the Russian Federation across the Omsk region, a sentence on business of a member of political council of regional branch of party “ the Just cause “ general directors of Open Company “ the Panorama - the centre “ Vladimir Shirshov has been taken out past Tuesday. “ the October district court to Shirshov appoints punishment in the form of two years of imprisonment conditionally with a trial period to one year “ - have explained in investigatory management. As have informed in October court, Vladimir Shirshov is recognised by guilty on ch. 2 items 318 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (“ Application of violence concerning the representative of the power “) . Earlier to the businessman incriminated also slander (ch. 3 items 298). However on May, 27th, at the first hearings on criminal case of the businessman in October regional court, from - for absence of due proofs the representative of regional Office of Public Prosecutor has refused charge under article about slander. On court mister Shirshov of the fault did not recognise and suggested to reconcile with victims before adjudgment.

Vladimir Shirshov - the known Omsk businessman and the politician. In 1994 has opened the Kuibyshev ware market, in 1997 - Open Company “ the Panorama - the centre “ trading - an exhibition complex the area of 2,2 Mister Shirshov - the founder and the proprietor of Open Company. Since December, 2007 held a post of the chairman of Omsk regional branch of political party the Union of the right forces, now a member of political council of regional branch of party “ the Just cause “. In 2001 has headed presidium of regional federation of martial arts in carat - to. Has a black belt on carat. According to business materials, on February, 27th, 2008 Vladimir Shirshov in territory of a trading complex of Open Company “ Fair „the Panorama - the centre ““ “ has made arrival on the car on the inspector of traffic police Evgenie Devina who has demanded from it documents for check. After that, inspectors consider, mister Shirshov has disappeared from a scene. Upon arrival concerning the businessman criminal case has been brought. “ Besides, on June, 25th in magazine “ Business - a course “ Shirshov`s post card in which false information about extortion at it the head of investigatory department on October administrative district of Omsk of investigatory management SKP the Russian Federation across the Omsk region Ivan Kozlovym of a bribe for the criminal case termination " contained has been published; - have noted in investigatory committee. The publication also became the basis for excitation of the second criminal case.

investigations have united in one manufacture, and from the general director of Open Company “ the Panorama - the centre “ inspectors took a subscription about nevyezde. Later Vladimir Shirshov has been put on the wanted list “ From - for numerous absences to inspectors “. In October, 2008 at company office “ the Panorama - the centre “ has passed a search. Field investigators have found out mister Shirshov in a hiding place of one of office buildings. As inspectors informed, from it has been withdrawn 280 thousand rbl., the passport, party documents and a gas pistol. “ preliminary investigation manufacture repeatedly stopped in connection with disease accused “ - have noted in SKP the Russian Federation. On December, 28th, 2009 the consequence on criminal case has been renewed. In January, 2010 the Kuibyshev regional court of Omsk has replaced to Vladimir Shirshov a subscription about nevyezde with house arrest though the consequence demanded to detain the politician.

in Office of Public Prosecutor of the Omsk region yesterday have not excluded that vessels will appeal against sentence. “ considering that the state accuser offered real imprisonment in the form of five years, I do not exclude possibility that the sentence will be appealed against. Definitively the question will be solved after reception of a copy of a sentence “ - the senior assistant to the regional public prosecutor Anton Tchernyshov has declared.

yesterday to contact Vladimir Shirshov and with its representative Tatyana Aleksashinoj did not possible.