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Learn to float
In the history with the Icelandic volcano there are also positive sides. Non-flying weather has forced travellers to concern holiday scenarios and as a result in the tourist market new trends were designated more creatively. In particular, prompt increase of demand for sea cruises became a natural result of awakening of Ejjafjatlajokudlja.

practically in each European port (and not only European) the floating houses operating by principle so favourite by Russians " are laid up; all inclusive . The kruiznye companies, in the beginning of the year, recessions suffering from consequences, now in haste cut new routes and offers. Permits on liners are bought up for months forward and so it is prompt as if second chance will not swim.

one more new trend - yachts for rent. For the majority of Europeans this kind of rest became for a long time mass. In Russia it long time was considered as leisure for the elite. But thanks to a volcano many have learnt that there is a huge market of a budgetary charter. The safe romanticism of sailing has mentioned hearts of those who earlier never and did not reflect on voyages.

to rearrange sails, to go downwind, to be engaged in navigation under a sensitive management skilled shkipera it it is really devilishly interesting. So than to lie days without a break on priotelnom a beach with diluted mohito why not to go to the high sea?

and suddenly again will smoke?