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The military attache of Israel after dispatch from Russia have checked up on the lie detector

Between Russia and Israel diplomatic scandal has inflamed. For limits of the Russian Federation the military attache of the Israeli embassy in Moscow colonel Vadim Lejderman is sent. It is suspected of industrial espionage.

the Colonel of the Israeli Air Forces of Lejderman has been detained by the Russian special services on May, 12th, the newspaper " informs; Dzheruzalem a post . It took at the moment of a meeting with the officer of the Russian army in one of the Moscow cafes. Lejdermanu have brought charges in industrial espionage which consisted in the active help of activity of some Israeli firms in the Russian market. It is a question of the companies military - an industrial complex of the Near-Eastern state.

the Edition informs that the representative of the Ministry of Defence of Israel in Moscow has been interrogated and has received the instruction to leave territory of Russia within 48 hours with the formulation For the activity incompatible with the diplomatic status . Usually such formulation is used at dispatch of the diplomats suspected of prospecting activity in territory of the state of stay.

Zaderzhanie Lejdermana has occurred against official visit to Russia of committee on foreign affairs and defence of Kneseta - the Israeli parliament. About exclusion of the military attache it became known in Independence Day of Israel and the twentieth anniversary of restoration of diplomatic relations between Israel and the Russian Federation. The authorities of the Near-Eastern state are surprised by dispatch of the diplomat and demand official explanations from the Russian side.

Discharge of duties of the representative of Army of defence of Israel in Russia Lejderman of the beginnings in 2008. In two months expired term of its business trip, and on change to it there should arrive medical officer Kobi Haviv.

Vadim Lejderman is now in the homeland. After returning home it has been checked up on the lie detector and released on freedom.

FSB and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia in any way do not make comments on dispatch of the diplomat.