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To the director military - patriotic club threatens till 20 years of prison

Charge in pedophilia it is shown the head of children`s patriotic club Young eaglets of fleet to Vasily Midtsevu.

He was detained by employees 2 - go Moscow criminal investigation department department after parents of three pupils have addressed in police. The consequence while is careful in estimations, informing that three children have suffered from actions suspected of pedophilia only.

Under the informal data already sounded in a press, speech can go about twenty seduced boys.

it is not excluded also, as this figure during the investigation can increase in times as the sea club of young eaglets, according to some information, exists about 25 years.

But while as Victoria Tsyplenkova has informed the official representative of the Main investigatory management of Investigatory committee of the Russian Federation across Moscow, against Midtseva criminal case on three episodes of the crimes provided ch is brought. 4 items 132 of the criminal code of Russian Federation, - (violent acts of sexual character).

- the club Premise settled down in the centre of Moscow in the Old Pimenovsky lane. The club has been created for the organisation of leisure of boys at the age from 11 till 15 years, visiting of places of fighting glory, the organisation of hikes, - has specified Tsyplenkova. - Concerning accused the consequence petitions for election of a preventive punishment in the form of imprisonment. To fault in fulfilment of incriminated acts Midtsev does not recognise.

51 - summer Midtsev - the professional seaman earlier serving by the political worker on Pacific fleet. Having been engaged subsequently in large business, he has got over to Moscow. Working in the company AFK System Has got apartment in the centre of Moscow on 2 - j Tver - Jamsky street. Work in patriotic club was for it a favourite hobby. According to the investigation, it made dissolute actions both in club, and in the apartment, and in campaigns. In Moscow criminal investigation department believe that it created the dirty deed alone. Yesterday the court has arrested Midtseva.