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In Petersburg have started to celebrate anniversary Peter Stolypina

One year prior to 150 - letija Peter Stolypina in Petersburg have started to celebrate anniversary of one of the greatest Russian reformers.

Conference Idea of a lawful state in Russia: history and the present devoted to significant date, has taken place within the precincts of a historical building of the Senate and the Synod where the Minister for Foreign Affairs, and then and the prime minister - the minister of the Russian empire happened repeatedly

According to the Minister of Justice of the Russian Federation Alexander Konovalova, historical experience stolypinskoj epoch for the present it is difficult to overestimate.

- We should live not only heart, but also will, mind - in it an example of a great epoch of Stolypina, - the minister has noted. - It would be desirable, that the modern legal thought searched for parallels and found possibilities to apprehend a certain sample of that has been made 100 years ago, in today.

As the president of Regional public Fund of studying of a heritage of Peter Stolypina Pavel Pozhigajlo, premieres has noted - the minister of the Russian empire has received a heavy heritage - from enormous budgetary deficiency to mass alcoholism. The law on a zemstvo in the western provinces became one of key positions of its reforms. And today`s reform of local government can take from Stolypina some historical lessons.

privatisation Experience, by the way, in its epoch too is. Within the limits of an agrarian reform and the Siberian policy Stolypina - it has been successfully realised. Stolypin has forbidden to sell the received lands, and only after the lapse of some term those economy which were ruined, could get more successful. Post-Soviet privatisation, as it is known, has led to absolutely other results.

As to a today`s legal situation the relation of citizens to laws, in unanimous opinion of participants of conference, leaves much to be desired: Russians have got used to live not under the law, and on conscience .

It is not bad, the adviser of the president of the Russian Federation for legal questions Veniamin Jakovlev believes, but at the same time it also has reminded that Stolypin said that it is impossible to justify default of laws by that they bad. However together with correction of imperfections of the Russian legislation it is necessary to struggle also with the human factor, that is irresponsibility of state employees which have subordinated service to own interests .

As an example Jakovlev has resulted a situation with the veteran of the Great Patriotic War who has come on exit reception of a reception of the president of the Russian Federation in Petersburg.

- To what we happen armless and headless, - the adviser of the head of the state has told. - The person owing to age cannot repair the habitation, and anybody has not helped it. It is necessary to put things in order in the own environment, circle of state employees.

To be guided in this activity, apparently, all is quite possible a familiar expression of same Stolypina will not intimidate! and the basic conclusion which was made by participants of conference, the adviser of the president of the Russian Federation has formulated also.

- the Leadership of the right is not only the purpose, but also the major means of achievement of other purposes declared in the Russian Constitution, - he has underlined. - democracy is created by forces of the right, and to make the right capable, our problem.

Celebrating of anniversary Stolypina will be continued. Till spring of the next year will pass about 50 actions, means for perpetuating of its memory and literature release are planned also.