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Penalties for stowaway journey in Moscow will grow in 10 times

Yesterday deputies of Moscow City Council in the first reading have voted for amendments to the Code of a city of Moscow about administrative offences which assume 10 - multiple increase of the penalty for stowaway journey. And both in land public transport, and in an underground. Probably, this summer to hares it is necessary to fork up on one thousand roubles.

As the chairman of the commission on the legislation of capital parliament and the editor of the bill Alexander Semennikov has told, the initiative is connected by that now the size of the penalty in comparison with ticket cost is very low.

- At the best the free rider will land from the bus, and in the underground - will return to cash desks, - the deputy has explained. - the matter is that since 2009 to controllers of State Unitary Enterprise mosgortransa () it is forbidden to commercial organisation to write out and take penalties. As the basic obstacle for free riders the automated monitoring system of journey of passengers serves. But even despite turnstiles and validatory, 20 - 30 percent of passengers get into transport free of charge.

In buses and trolley buses they manage to slip at open doors for an exit, in the underground jump through turnstiles or use the travel papers which have been given out to relatives - to exempts.

According to the deputy, increase of the penalty for stowaway journey and conveyance will promote number reduction hares : to arrive on - fair more cheaply, than then to spread the essential sum.

- the money raised from free riders will increase gathering of the transport organisations which will go on improvement of quality of service of the population, - Semennikov has declared. - And it finally will allow to make city public transport more attractive.

For revival of institute of controllers as the deputy has told, it is planned to create special official body with staff no more than 300 persons. Now in Moscow 5,5 thousand buses, 1,6 thousand trolley buses and 910 trams. In them 200 controllers work. When their number will increase by third, on everyone will have for random inspection on 26 cars in day.

Discussion has caused rough discussion among deputies. According to some to increase so it is sharp penalties prematurely, Muscovites not so are rich. But the majority consider on - to another: pensioners use transport free of charge, students have privileges, incomes an average the Muscovite come nearer to one thousand euro - on the ticket of money will suffice.