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The board of judges has accepted voluntary retirement of the head of Petty-bourgeois court of Moscow

Qualifying board of judges of Moscow yesterday has accepted the statement for voluntary retirement of the chairman of Petty-bourgeois district court of Alexander Reketja.

we Will remind that the chairman of Moscow City Court Olga Egorov in the end of March has directed to qualifying board representation about deprivation of Reketja of powers of the chairman of the court. However later in connection with voluntary retirement of judge Egorov has withdrawn the representation.

So the hard line of the head of capital judicial community has been caused by results of office check of Petty-bourgeois court.

It was found out that in this district court there was no control over observance of terms of passage of affairs in court, principles of a rationality and conscientiousness were ignored by disposal of legal proceeding. Terms of delivery of affairs in court office were not supervised. The regular and mass judicial red tape was supposed. Besides, the chairman of the court have convicted of reporting falsification.

So, according to official figures the chairman of Petty-bourgeois court, for January, 1st, 2011 there were 1612 not considered civil cases for 2010. Meanwhile during check it has been established that actually the rest has appeared almost half more, that is not considered there were 2407 affairs.

After resignation of Reketja the post of the chairman of the court will be temporarily occupied fulfilling duties of the chairman with Albert Trishkin. Further the Petty-bourgeois court will be headed most likely by one of chairmen of other district court of capital, truth who - is not known till now. Did not begin to name a name of the future chairman and Olga Egorov.

- For it it too the uneasy decision as Petty-bourgeois court - difficult and to work there is heavy, - has noticed Egorov.

As Anna Usachyov has informed the correspondent the official representative of Moscow City Court, following the results of 2010 the Petty-bourgeois court has taken the second place among all regional courts by quantity of complaints of citizens in qualifying board.

Besides, citizens wrote about unsatisfactory work of judges and on a Moscow City Court site. If in 2009 of such complaints was 67 last year their number has grown already to 90.

it is necessary to tell that Alexander Reket worked as the chairman of Petty-bourgeois court hardly more year. It has been appointed to this post by the Decree of the president on November, 20th, 2009, has actually started to carry out duties since February, 1st, 2010.

And to career in the status of the military judge has begun in 1995.