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The bill of checkup will not be transferred without day

the Bill of simplification of procedure of checkup of cars, most likely, is accepted in those terms about which the head of committee of the State Duma of transport Sergey Shishkarev spoke. Project consideration is transferred without day.

There are initiatives of the president, we heard them, and we are simply obliged them to consider - the speaker of the State Duma Boris Gryzlov has informed on May, 19th to journalists. As he said, to hurry up about acceptance of so important bill it is not necessary, as its change will concern a large quantity of drivers which have a large quantity of cars transfers RIA Novosti news agency. Terms of the second reading of the project will be defined later, Gryzlov has noted.

we Will remind that on May, 13th, Sergey Shishkarev has declared that the second reading will pass in the State Duma on May, 20th. And on consideration of the Federation Council the document should arrive by June, 1st. And soon after that it is signed by the president of Russia.

On a press - the conference which have passed on May, 18th in Skolkovo, the president of the country Dmitry Medvedev has suggested to combine checkup of cars and insurance, in particular. once again I underline - it is necessary to deduce it from - under militias and to make it as much as possible simple, together with maintenance service and the conclusion of the contract on autocivil liability insurance (OSAGO) which is for all obligatory - Medvedev has declared, having added that such decision to allow to transform procedure of passage THAT in formal enough .

Besides, the head of the country has suggested to cancel THAT for cars more youngly three years. The following age category - with 3 till 7 years - the president has suggested to pass checkup of times in two years. And to absolutely old cars - 7 years and more - once a year. According to the president of the country, the corresponding bill will be brought in the State Duma Today - tomorrow and will earn from next year.