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Yury Chajka: Russia has transferred to Poland already 42 volumes of business about falling presidential They be 154

Russia has transferred to Poland in total 42 volumes of materials on criminal case about wreck on April, 10th, 2010 near Smolensk the Polish presidential plane That is 154, the general public prosecutor of Russia Yury Chajka has informed on Thursday.

to the Polish Office of Public Prosecutor in 2010 we transfer 28 volumes of materials of the executed inquiries about legal aid on the given criminal case, and in April, 2011 - 14 more volumes - has informed the Seagull at a meeting with the public prosecutor of Poland Andrzej Seremetom.

It has reminded that technical expert appraisal is spent, its results are known. however investigation proceeds. Results of technical expert appraisal of internal and external fragments, equipment of the plane and phonographic examination of carriers with magnetic tapes " are expected; - the Russian public prosecutor has noted.


we Will remind that on April, 10th, 2010 in an air crash near Smolensk all passengers and crewmen of the plane of the president of Poland Lech Kaczynski were lost, including the former president of Poland Lech Kaczynski. The governmental delegation into which bosses of the country entered, went in Katyn for participation in memorable actions.

Moscow and Warsaw carry out parallel investigatory actions, communicating on the basis of inquiries about legal aid. Within the limits of execution of these inquiries in Russia the group of the Polish inspectors already worked.