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Kaliningrad will change on the Belarus trolley buses

870 million roubles has made goods turnover between the Kaliningrad region and Byelorussia for January - March, 2011. It less than pre-crisis indicators, but is available a tendency of development of the foreign trade relations.

So considers vitse - the prime minister of Belarus Sergey Rumas. Under its management the impressive delegation from officials, representatives of business of union republic has taken part in IX session Russian - the Belarus council about long-term cooperation of the Kaliningrad region and Belarus. Action has passed in the resort city of Zelenogradsk. From the Russian side council was headed by governor of the region Nikolay Tsukanov.

- it is pleasant To me to note dynamically developing cooperation between the Kaliningrad region and Belarus, - has told, opening session, Sergey Rumas. - But to us is and over what to work, having summed up before the reached arrangements and having accepted the plan of joint actions on 2011 - 2012. From its part, we are ready to provide region agricultural, municipal and dorozhno - building technics under leasing and other schemes. Our enterprises are ready to deliver the equipment for oboronno - the industrial enterprises, and also to create co-productions for release of competitive production for export.

As the head of branch of embassy of Byelorussia in Kaliningrad Evgenie Timohin has added, in January - March of this year representatives of business circles RB of 14 times have visited area. Went not for nothing. Kaliningrad has got a trolley bus of the latest model of the Belarus factory, and now considers possibility of purchase of ten more cars for a city motor car park. Here the trading house of the Minsk integrated poultry farm with points of sales of egg and chicken meat on all Kalinin town area, own motor car park, warehouse and refrigerating chambers has opened. It is expected that by the end of this year it will be sold not less than 45 - 50 million pieces of eggs. As a whole, as to cooperation in agriculture sphere, at Belarus and the Kaliningrad region far-reaching plans.

- On council the question of possible building in region of a vegetable storehouse for the Belarus suppliers was discussed, - governor Nikolay Tsukanov has told. - we are ready to offer potential investors from union republic comprehensive support and the ground area with an infrastructure where it would be possible to erect similar object.

One more successfully developing direction of cooperation - building and deliveries of building materials from union republic. As Sergey Rumas has underlined, the Belarus builders took part in erection of strategic object in region territory - the Kaliningrad thermal power station - 2 - and are ready to new orders in amber land. That services of the Belarus experts are claimed, confirms the signed contract between regional Fund social and housing construction and the Gomel company. On it in October of this year in the regional centre apartment house building on 8,4 thousand square metres will begin. There is also an arrangement on erection in Kaliningrad to 2013 11 inhabited high-rise buildings of the modernised series a total area more than 24 thousand square metres.

Separately representatives of the Russian and Belarus parties have discussed a question of additional attraction of cargoes to the Kaliningrad region. In particular, it is a question of transfer through the Kaliningrad ports of potash fertilizers. While the most part of this cargo leaves to Europe through ports of Lithuania and Latvia.

- From - for indexations of tariffs in 2009 - 2010 in Russia and Belarus there was a growth of the tariff for certain types of cargo, - the minister of development of an infrastructure of the government of the Kaliningrad region Alexander Rolbinov has explained. - And, according to representatives of the Belarus potash company to pass parties of fertilizers through our ports it it is unprofitable - too expensive. We about one year agreed about back sending trial cargo of thousand on 10 tons, to fulfil logistics. Moreover, we stividory were ready to make transfer absolutely free of charge. But even we have not seen a trial lot. Now we have agreed with the Belarus party that we will give the offer on a cost of transportation of consignors in our ports.

As Sergey Rumas has promised, through the Kaliningrad ports he will be engaged in detailed study of a question of transfer of the Belarus cargoes after returning to Minsk.

- If there is a cooperation agreement - it should work, - he has told. - we have estimated that there is a possibility to reduce the price for transportations of these cargoes by rail. And both with Russian, and from the Belarus party. Besides, it is technically possible, that railway cars came back back from Kaliningrad to Belarus not the empty. In region there are enterprises for soya processing, and our republic needs in soya shrote.

In the end of session Nikolay Tsukanov and Sergey Rumas have signed the report and the plan of measures on cooperation on 2011 - 2012. Whether this plan was realised, the parties will discuss in the end of 2012 within the limits of 10 - go Russian - the Belarus council in Grodno.