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The association of lawyers of Russia has opened the centre of a free legal aid in Primorski Territory

the Children`s question

Nizhnetagilsky local branch of Sverdlovsk regional branch of Association of lawyers of Russia within the limits of the educational project right School together with Institute of the right and business of the Ural legal academy the Olympic Games by right among schoolboys have summed up.

- Our purpose first of all educational and proforientatsionnaja, - tells the chairman of Nizhnetagilsky local branch AJUR Oleg Gerasims. - we plan to teach children to legal culture that they not simply understood legal documents, but the rights, Constitutions possessed knowledge in the history.

it is not casual among tasks of the first open Olympic Games there were many historical questions: To continue a fragment from the Word about the law and good fortune of metropolitan Ilariona, to tell about features of the Declaration of human rights and the citizen of times of the French revolution, to remember the basic sections of the Constitution of the Russian Federation.

All in the Olympic Games have taken part about 100 schoolboys of Nizhni Tagil. Pupils 8 - h and 10 - h classes have shown the best knowledge. Most of all points Valerii Krasakovoj was possible to type. It became the owner of the diploma of I degree. Diplomas II and III degrees have received Victoria Tkachkova and Maria Dezhenina, still to three schoolgirls: diplomas of winners of the Olympic Games have been handed over Marina Makarovoj, Victoria Gorbunovoj and Poline Pityk.

In remote places - it is free

In territory of Kamsko - Ustinsky municipal area of Republic Tatarstan lawyers have spent exit enrolment of citizens in rural settlements on rendering of a free legal aid to the population.

the Action passed according to the decree of the president of Tatarstan about development of system of rendering of a legal aid and legal education of the population in republic and within the limits of realisation of the project of Association of lawyers of Russia on rendering of a free legal aid. The president of Tatarstan R.N.Minnikhanov has allocated to republican branch AJUR special transport. For population reception the mobile has been generated is information - consulting group of experts of the different ministries and departments. Consultation of citizens was spent concerning labour relations, social security, ground and the law of succession.

the Input - without admissions

the Association of lawyers of Russia has opened the centre of a free legal aid in Primorski Territory on the basis of the regional branch. The help appears to socially not protected levels of population in the form of legal consultation on the questions which have been not connected with enterprise activity and representation of citizens. Reception is conducted by the practising lawyers having high qualification.

For work in the Center representatives of management of the Ministry of Justice, notarial chamber, regional branch of Federal Agency of the financial markets in DVO, managements of Federal antimonopoly service, Federal Agency of the state registration, a cadastre and cartography, Seaside trading - industrial chamber, and also members of Social council are involved at the Department of Internal Affairs.