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The USA have frozen bank accounts of the president of Syria

the Ministry of Finance of the USA declared that all actives of the president of Syria Bashara Asada and of some other officials are frozen in all territory falling under the American jurisdiction. As the reason of the actions undertaken from the United States is called infringement of human rights by the Syrian management.

US president Barack Obama has made the order on Wednesday to freeze in the American banks of the account of the higher officials of Syria. In the black list the president of the country Bashar Asad, vice-president Faruk Sharaa, the prime minister - the minister Adele Safar, Minister of Internal Affairs Mohammed ash - Shaar, Minister of Defence Ali Habib, head of military investigation of Abdel Veils and the director of Management of political safety Mohammed Dib Zajtun have got. Besides, now it is forbidden to American citizens and organisations to support business relations with the officials who have got to the list.

In Obama`s decree the order also contains to block bank accounts of any other person bearing responsibility for infringements of human rights in Syria, including members of the government of this country. Definition reliability the Syrian official trusts in the Minister of Finance of the USA in coordination with the state secretary.

Radical measures to a management of Syria are accepted because of proceeding by escalation of violence concerning the Syrian people from the government of this Arabian country. In particular, it is a question of rigid suppression of demonstrations, arrests and prosecution of political active workers.

Earlier in the end of April of the USA already entered sanctions against a number of the Syrian officials, namely concerning the commander of a brigade of Syrian army Mahira Al - Asada, heads of Syrian reconnaissance service Ali Mamljuka and the former head of the Syrian service of political safety of one of country Atifa Nadzhiba provinces. Besides, under sanctions of the USA the Syrian intelligence service and structures of the Iranian Case of guards of Islamic revolution being in Syria have got.

introduction of sanctions against the Syrian officials before May, 9th declared also the European Union. To the EU countries entrance has been forbidden 13 Syrian officials, and their actives have been frozen. However, on Bashara Asada of the sanction did not extend.

Protests in territory of Syria have begun in March, 2011. As a result of their suppression, according to legal experts, were lost from 600 to 850 peace citizens and over hundred military men and policemen. About ten thousand persons have been arrested. Protest actions in Syria proceed till now, despite that earlier the president of the country declared carrying out of large-scale reforms.