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Edward Uspensky has let out the new book - Verses for the smallest

Edward Uspensky has let out the new book - Verses for the smallest .

It has appeared, the author of stories about a crocodile to the Gene, Kolobkov and Prostokvashino can reflect in a rhyme and on actual problems of today. But its poem do not go at night, children, to the Internet has caused on the same Internet a storm. Painfully serious there was a theme! So, the editor-in-chief of magazine the Murzilka Tatyana Androsenko has complained that adult distances to children a window in the world, but have not offered enough of programs and the sites useful to their development. Children come into the Internet, read about murders, see terrible pictures and acquire all it. The poem Uspensky children`s under the form, but - a thing very serious also is intended not for children, and for parents, teachers, tutors. To children, according to Androsenko, and it is not necessary to read it.

Evgenie Bunimovich, the poet, the teacher Authorized by the rights of the child in Moscow:

is a poem - documentary exact description of that now occurs. The Internet is a new call, adults of similar problems in the childhood did not know and only start to realise danger scales. As well as the sizes of advantage: the Internet - technologies are used in school programs, bring weight of the good. How here to separate bad from the good? Interdictions not so work or work not how it would be desirable. Uspensky has precisely caught a problem. Another matter that a appeal do not go, children, in the Internet unfortunately, it is starry-eyed. It we can go or not go, and all of them already there. Therefore other question is more actual: how to make a way of children on the Network safe that the Internet impulsed them to development, instead of bent consciousness.