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The man`s national team on volleyball enters a new international season

Man`s Russian national team on Thursday takes off for Poland for carrying out of two companionable games with a national team of this country on May, 20th and 21. Next Friday, on May, 27th, Russians in Ufa will lead with Japan the starting match in World league - 2011.

Before the trip abroad of a national team first in this season the correspondent has visited on open training of a command Novogorske situated near Moscow. For the present not all players included in the demand for World league, are at the disposal of head coach Vladimir Alekno.

Volleyball players of clubs of the Superleague which were not accepting participations in semifinal series, have started to prepare on base in Novogorske since May, 5th. A week later medallists of the championship of Russia have joined them. Diagonal Zenith Maxim Mihajlov and the blocking Alexander Volkov who played on May, 15th the ending of Italian series 1 for Kuneo Will get into gear since May, 22nd. On personal circumstances while is absent libero Novosibirsk the Locomotive Valery Komarov, but it will be fast it in a national team.

Under supervision of doctors there is doigrovshchik Yury Berezhko who has passed a number of last matches Italian Modena from - for problems with knees. The owner of a prize of Andrey Kuznetsova to the best player of the Superleague diagonal JAroslavicha Simeon Poltavsky from - for intervertebral hernias, probably, will not play at all in a present international season.

we Will remind that after the World league which final tournament will take place 6 - on July, 10th in Poland, from September, 10 till September, 18th in Austria and Czechia the European championship will take place. In case of successful performance our command then in the end of November - the beginning of October will play on a World Cup where three best national teams will receive permits on the Olympic Games - 2012.

the Steering national team Vladimir Alekno stayed in good mood and has willingly answered questions of the correspondent.

: To yourselves in assistants you have invited Oleg Moliboga who lately was not working with clubs of the Superleague. Why have chosen this expert?

Vladimir Alekno : My criterion at formation of a trainer`s staff the such: the people having the opinion are necessary, capable for it accurately to give reason and that I could conduct with them meaningful dialogue, find true. Oleg Alekseevich Moliboga just is among such experts. The assistant whom all time and in all agrees with me, is not necessary to me. And to be to one in the field the soldier it is now unreal. We discuss all questions connected with life of a national team with Moliboga.

RG : Alexander Klimkina`s who has recently finished career of the player What role?

Alekno : It helps at carrying out uchebno - training process.

RG : For the first time for many long years in this season the command will avoid flights from continent on continent...

Alekno : Yes, Japanese in connection with known circumstances of the house do not play also all matches will spend on departure. Other our contenders from Europe - Germany, Bulgaria. Certainly, to children it will be much easier. I remember a season - 2008: only have arrived from Korea and at once zasobiralis to Cuba. For couple of days almost all time zones have changed... Such schedule takes away many forces.

RG : Than will explain absence in the demand for World league libero Alexey Verbova?

Alekno : In no event it is any not personal claims. All know Alexey, its abilities, but we should check up in fighting conditions and other players of its role.

RG : it not seems to you, what the calendar is rigid? After all the pause between end of the national championships and start of World league is very small.

Alekno : to Discuss this theme now it is irrelevant. We face the available fact and should build the work on concrete circumstances. Therefore received the big loading in plej - off Superligi Mihajlov and only - only played the ending of superiority of Italy of Wolves will be connected to a national team later. Today to demand from them full return it is impossible.

In Russian national team the captain was replaced. Honourable powers and the responsibility connected with them have passed from binding Sparks Sergey Makarova to doigrovshchiku the Locomotive - Belogorja Tarasu Hteju. By what criteria the new captain got out, Makarov has explained.

: How passed appointment of the captain?

Sergey Makarov : the Decision was accepted by all command, but taking into account wishes of head coach Vladimir Alekno. In - the first, he wanted, that nominees binding were not considered, in - the second, in its opinion, the volleyball player of the basic structure who spends time most part on a platform should be the captain.

RG : Why not the binding?

Makarov : the Captain has the right to address to judges, and at binding the head is occupied by the miscalculation of combinations, variants of development of attack. In disputable situations conversations with the arbitrator really distract from the basic business.

RG: Except Hteja there were candidates?

Makarov: the Variant with Maxim Mihajlovym, basically, too was considered. All - taki the general choice of a command - for Hteja. Taras more skilled player, in a national team it debuted nine years ago.

RG : Personally you were defined, where continue club career in a following season?

Makarov : The decision has ripened, but I will not hurry up yet it to sound, as term of the operating contract yet has not expired.

Vladimir Alekno considers that companionable matches with Poland as it is impossible by the way as in a command it is a lot of beginners. Before the beginning of tournament of World league check of forces and teamwork will not prevent.

Sparringi will take place on May, 20th and 21 in the small cities of Milich and Tvardogura near to Vrotslava within the limits of the actions dated by anniversary of a victory of the Polish man`s national team on the Olympic Games - 1976 in the Canadian Montreal. These days will pass also a veteran remake of the ending Poland - the USSR. Unfortunately, not all participants of the main battle of volleyball tournament of summer Games 35 - summer prescription have lived up to now.