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Russia and Austria recognise importance of the introduction of the Russian Federation in the WTO

Russia and Austria recognise importance of the introduction of the Russian Federation in the World Trade Organization . About it it is told in the Declaration on partnership for the modernisation signed today by presidents of two countries by Dmitry Medvedev and Heinz Fischer.

In the document it is noticed that the introduction of the Russian Federation into the WTO is necessary for the further development of its economy, successful forward development of economic cooperation between the Russian Federation and Austria and deepenings of relations between the Russian Federation and the European union in sphere of trade and investments .

the Parties also have underlined readiness structurally to participate in the negotiations directed on end of dialogue about cancellation of a visa regime between the Russian Federation and the European union . Leaders believe that Thanks to elimination of visa barriers, economic and social interaction both at bilateral level, and between the Russian Federation and EU becomes more effective .

Moscow and Vienna have acted for successful end of negotiations about the new base agreement between the Russian Federation and EU which would reflect strategic character of their mutual relations . Medvedev and Fisher have confirmed that modernisation process assumes strengthening of democratic political system and its institutes, maintenance of leadership of the law, including fight against corruption, and development of a civil society . Presidents have expressed intention to expand dialogue between state bodies and to aspire to the conclusion of contracts on partnership and cooperation in the field of modernisation .

In the Declaration of the party signed today were obliged To make efforts consolidation of economic cooperation, including an investment of investments into those branches of economy which in the greatest measure promote economic growth and introduction of innovations . Moscow and Vienna intend to support cooperation not only between large managing subjects, but also the enterprises of small and average business. The parties have declared readiness to exchange scientifically - technical shots, including on a platform of the innovative centre Skolkovo .

Among priority directions of interaction in the document transport, building, manufacture of cars, agriculture, tourism, and also power are listed. Recognising that decrease in dependence of a society from hydrocarbons is one of conditions of a sustainable development, the party express readiness to encourage cooperation of the competent organisations, and also working out of the investment projects directed on increase of power efficiency and use of renewed energy sources - it is told in the document.

Presidents also have supported working out effective legal base of the international cooperation in power sphere . Russia and Austria intend to co-operate more closely in the field of preservation of the environment. In particular, they have called to use the best efforts for achievement of the arrangement on the general, universal and legally obliging international agreement on a climate for the period after 2012 .