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In Japan have invented winged trains

Even in a mode of state of emergency after destructive earthquake and a monstrous tsunami Japanese do not cease to surprise the world with the inventions.

This time they have attached wings to a high-speed train, and it has departed. However, experts have noticed in a Japanese novelty set of similarities with Soviet raketoplanom, which in years cold war successfully ploughed open spaces of southern sea boundaries of the USSR. But that was nevertheless only altered jet plane, and here to inspire trains have guessed in Japan.

the Miracle of technics of the future while exists only in model execution on remote control. Nevertheless its characteristics have already impressed experts. If Japanese as a result really manage to make the present train on an air cushion in the long term they are going to construct the whole extensive system of a suburban railway transportation of new generation. Cars will fly over the earth with speed of 200 kilometres per hour on U - to the figurative concrete trench designed so that the locomotive has not turned over and has not run away. And the computer system of updating of position in space bears responsibility for horizontal position of the locomotive.

the Bargaining chip of developers of a winged train is an actual solution of a problem of a friction that will allow to achieve impressing high-speed indicators in the long term. Besides expenses on fuel will considerably be cut down.

In the world already there is a train soaring over the earth on an air cushion. Magvel it is equipped by powerful magnets which keep structure in air. However too much electric power is spent for similar flight over rails. After all magnets should struggle with resistance of powerful counter air streams.

And here the Japanese winged train on the contrary makes a start from air, as allows it to move forward. And still the invention of Japanese has also essential minuses. First of all it is a question of safety of passengers. After all long new U - figurative ways will be difficult for protecting completely from, for example, local hooligans. Also what will occur, if somebody throws the store cart or the old TV under a miracle - a train? Accidents, obviously not to avoid.