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Moscow can is temporary employ more 50 thousand persons

Authorities of the capital are ready to give temporary job to 56 thousand persons. It on a press - conferences were declared by the head of department of work and employment of the population of Moscow Oleg Neterebsky.

As he said, the city can give work to 20 thousand schoolboys and students. Thus schoolboys will be involved for not qualified works - such as gardening, and students will be offered by places by a trade.

According to authorities of the capital, almost all graduates of high schools (annually Moscow higher educational institutions end 100 thousand persons) found a job today in capital. However by a trade find work from 40 to 50 percent of young experts. Done not find a job 5 - 8 percent of youth with diplomas of high schools. However, year from a year number of problem graduates in Moscow is reduced. If in 2009 could not find work of 8,7 thousand persons, in 2010 - m - 6,8 thousand, this year - 3,8 thousand persons. A tendency positive - has noted Neterebsky.

More often as the head of department has underlined, work economists and lawyers as the competition among owners of these trades is very great cannot find. When the offer on legal or economic vacancy gets to a city databank, it close practically this very day. Easier all today to get a job to those graduates who have got education in the field of building, transport and medicine. At the same time authorities of the capital continue to search for the enterprises approaching for employment of graduates. As of the middle of May of such enterprises was over 2,5 thousand, including more than 1,6 thousand - for graduates of high schools and 920 - for graduates of colleges.

Authorities of the capital, according to Neterebsky, with business co-operate by a principle is state - private partnership. If employers express readiness to employ the young expert, it from the city budget allocates money: indemnification of a part of the salary. To earn the former graduates of high schools on the average can an order of 35 thousand roubles in a month (last year their salaries were around 30 thousand).