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The Cannes festival has shown Pedro Almodovar`s new film the Skin in which I live

On Thursday in Kanne the premiere of last of the big, expected hits of the competitive program - Pedro Almodovar`s thriller " has taken place; the Skin in which I live . This rather unexpected exercise for Almodovar on themes partially Pigmaliona, partially Frankenshtejna in a statement of as though grown weak Hitchcock.

Antonio Banderas in a role of the cosmetic surgeon less all is similar to the cosmetic surgeon. It is similar on Antonio Banderas, playing cosmetic surgeon, and in worst of Hitchcock`s tapes. That is strives the person, looks around, as Douglas Fenbenks in a role of the spy, and catches at a pistol, than for a scalpel is more often. The central secret of a film - the mysterious beauty in the corporal body stockings, locked in its spacious house. Over it make mysterious experiments. It, seemingly, not against. Central kuvyrok a film - otmotka time back when a daughter of the surgeon with an opera name the Norm on a party tempts the nice fellow by name of Vincent - you see   in a dress she suffers from claustrophobia, and on a wood night lawn alone with the fellow prefers a dress to remove. As Vincent in reply to so remarkable behaviour of the girl will arrive, it is possible not to explain, but it for it should pay terribly. The norm will definitively go mad, then will die, and the father - the surgeon sadistski will revenge Vincent. It will steal it also an operative way will violently transform Belief into the woman. Kafka who has put Dario Ardzhento has turned out.

But to Hitchcock, especially Ardzhento could not come thought that this Pigmalion will fall in love with Galateju. That Galateja will rescue it from justice, but then all - taki will shoot down, as mad tiger who in the first part of its film already has had time to rape. And to a shot she will oversleep and with Pigmalionom. Such difficult design could come to mind only to Almodovar. Its this specific nou - hau.  

the opera name hirurgovoj daughters, most likely, is not casual: a comical condensation fatal tragedy the film really reminds the opera libretto. In it there is even a old woman Azuchena who at a fire tells a terrifying story.  

the Film comprises one more secret - its genre. Sometimes I thought that it is a parody. But for a parody the picture does not have not enough humour, it there is not present absolutely. The hall, nevertheless, in the most intense places is a lot of and not without sarcasm laughed that for the serious author is always insulting. In the ending journalists have clapped and pobukali - so at this festival was moved. To understand that it was, on - to mine, nobody could. My Bulgarian colleague, cheerfully laughing, has told that it is such Mediterranean humour which northerners not to understand: to mix together all world kich and to arrange children`s shout on a lawn - on the verge of a foul. Differently, it is Almodovar so karnavalit. Well, we will admit also the such. Anyway, from films of the talented Spaniard it is most trjukovoj, but, on - to mine, unsuccessful.