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Amazon. com has sold electronic books more than paper

For the first time in history the largest online - shop Amazon. com sales of electronic books have exceeded sales of the paper literature. About it it is told in the company communique.

According to the data of statistics collected Amazon. com, since April, first of this year on each 100 realised paper editions it is necessary 105 electronic. we at all did not assume that it happens so soon, - the founder and the head of the company Jeff Bezos has declared. - we sell Printing books fifteen years, and electronic - less than four .

we Will notice that the current situation became continuation of a train of natural events - so, for example, in 2010 electronic books have bypassed on sales printing editions in firm covers, and this year have surrendered books in soft cover. Thus it is necessary to consider that in the list of virtual editions Amazom. com includes not only books, but also various author`s materials which also are accessible on sale.