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Dmitry Medvedev has called the world community for cooperation in fight against terrorism

Dmitry Medvedev urges the international community to develop cooperation in fight against terrorism and to get rid of the double standards, disturbing to a victory over this general enemy.

the present, not fictitious cooperation is necessary For us, modern ways of fight against terrorism are necessary for us, it is necessary for us high-grade, instead of imaginary cooperation not only between heads of the states, but also legal structures, between special services, cooperation on a judicial line - he has told, acting at the Petersburg international legal forum.

the President has noticed that Russia vainly convinced many years the western partners that on caucasus the international terrorist network " operates; Al - Kaida . To us spoke: it is you all think out to cover any own errors. And then happens on September, 11th, and the world has changed. Let`s remember it and we will be as much as possible consolidated - Medvedev has declared.

Two civil air liners, grasped by suicide bombers, ran on September, 11th, 2001 in towers - twins the World shopping centre in New York. After a while after double accident both towers have fallen. In a fire and under fragments were lost more than 3 thousand persons. US authorities suspected of the organisation of this act of terrorism Al - Kaidu . According to the Russian leader, only at high-grade cooperation in this business (fight against terrorism) there will be essential changes .