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Belarus will receive from EvrAzEs the soft loan in three billion dollars

On Thursday in capital of Belarus chairmen of the governments of the CIS countries have gathered to discuss all problems which have accumulated in interstate space.

But one of the major - creation of the Zone of free trade - has been postponed till the autumn. And another - crediting in the area of EvrAzES - dared for closed dvermi. But it was found out that Kirghizia is ready to join the Customs union.

Visit of premieres - minister Vladimir Putin to Minsk has begun with session of Council of heads of the governments of the states-participants CIS, and has proceeded session of Interstate council EvrAzEs and a meeting of the supreme body of the Customs union. In the end of day of heads of the governments dialogue with journalists, and Putin - also with the Belarus president Alexander Lukashenko expected. Besides, the chairman of the Russian ministry has had time to talk over separately with the Kirghiz prime minister Almazbekom Atambaevym.

the Platform of adherents recognised at the international level named the CIS the prime minister - the minister of Belarus Michael Myasnikovich, beginning the first of a train of intergovernmental meetings.

it does not have development budget, but zamechatelnost a format of the CIS it is shown that we can communicate with each other on this platform in a broad sense in one language - it has continued. more advanced state associations have grown from Commonwealth - Myasnikovich has given due the organisations.

On the summons of a platform of adherents, as usual, there was not an one ten questions. Yesterday them was 19 - from innovations and culture to peace atom and food safety. But the main thing - it was necessary to discuss the contract draught on the Zone of free trade which should replace agreement 1994 and simplify process of accession to WTO for those who yet there. In total from 11 countries in this organisation only 4, but the others plan to join, Myasnikovich operated with the data.

But to accept the contract it has not turned out: a number of the countries had a separate opinion, and the document has gone on completion of Economic Council of the CIS. To heads of the governments for signing it will get only in October, on following Council in St.-Petersburg. all heads of delegations have agreed that enormous work on preparation of the project of the document is done, there were small roughnesses but that this document was really operating document, the decision to continue this work on completion of the text of the contract " was accepted; - the chairman of executive committee of the CIS Sergey Lebedev has informed.

Explaining to journalists a question essence, Myasnikovich has explained that is necessary, That, forming a zone of free trade, it has not turned out that some states can feel on some positions deterioration for their budgets through the third states . I, probably, was too in a flowery style expressed, - the Belarus prime minister has taken pity on the press and has told straight: - the Customs union demands to bring into accord Belarus - the Ukrainian relations that the overflow of the goods from Ukraine to Belarus " has not turned out duty-free or on other conditions;.

Myasnikovich also has informed that there was a straight talk that creation of the Zone of free trade means that those who now has not signed this contract, will join further on the base principles put in this document . That is special rules for themselves new member states - if they will appear - cannot establish. The Belarus prime minister - the minister also has added that conditions of trade within the limits of the CIS will consistently come nearer to the WTO, without unreasonable protectionism.

Besides affairs in Commonwealth, Council of heads of the governments of Commonwealth has accepted the common decision about a nominee of the managing director of IMF. The chairman of Natsbank of Kazakhstan Grigory Marchenko became them. We will make an application and we will consider it as the uniform candidate from the CIS, the prime minister - the minister of Kazakhstan Brown Masimov has informed. The former managing director of IMF Dominik Stross - Caen has resigned yesterday. We will remind, him accuse of sexual violence over the parlourmaid of hotel Sofitel in New York.

Kyrgyzstan is ready to enter in   the Customs union

On it financial conversation in Minsk has not come to the end. To Putin`s conversation with Lukashenko journalists did not invite, but, judging by preliminary statements, Belarus nevertheless will wait the credit on 3 mlrd dollars - on billion a year. Or even 3,5 mlrd as Myasnikovich hopes.

the Means allocated from Anti-recessionary fund EvrAzEs in which Russia is the basic donor, should help to cover the deficit of the balance of payments of Byelorussia. We will remind that on Tuesday, after telephone conversation with the Russian colleague Dmitry Medvedev, Alexander Lukashenko declared that Minsk will receive the loan. However, he spoke about figure in 6 mlrd dollars. It was necessary vitse - to the prime minister, to the Minister of Finance of Russia Alexey Kudrin this very day to explain to journalists: it is a question about 3 mlrd dollars within three years and of privatisation of the Belarus actives - on the same of three billion, only for a year. Investors can be from any country, including from Russia. Only in aggregate these measures will help Minsk to stabilise a course of the rouble.

Conditions are co-ordinated, the sums also are verified - has informed journalists yesterday some hours prior to Lukashenko and Putin Myasnikovich`s meeting. naturally, resources are transferred not on a gratuitous basis, and under the corresponding rate, which below commercial - it has explained. Thus the Belarus prime minister has added that the basic money is in internal economy, therefore, so far as concerns loan, it is necessary quickly to solve collected problems, and then to realise decisions which will provide equation of the internal currency market.

the Monetary question excited also the Kirghiz party much. During separate conversation with Vladimir Putin of the premieres of Kirghizia Almazbek Atambaev has noticed that is good to discuss at once the whole set of questions. as here Alexey Leonidovich - he has unambiguously looked on sitting to the left of Putin Alexey Kudrin. That has begun to smile. The head of the Russian government has in the same way reacted also. with a purse - he has burst out laughing.

After conversation with Atambaevym Vladimir Putin has made the statement already at session of Mezhgossoveta EvrAzES: Kyrgyzstan is ready to enter into the Customs union. we have received signals and from the Tadjik partners - he has added. For reception of credits Council of Anti-recessionary fund EvrAzEs has decided to consider demands of Minsk and Bishkek on June, 4th in Kiev.