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Great Britain will support the USA in development of new democracies in the Near East

Great Britain welcomes a course of the USA to the aid of the Near-Eastern states where political modes this spring were replaced, and is ready to render to Washington any assistance, the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Great Britain William Hejg has declared on Thursday.

Earlier on Thursday US president Barack Obama has designated the new policy of Washington in the Near East and in the North Africa. It is the multi-billion plan of the financial help to the states of this region. First of all it concerns Tunis and Libya. The majority of Americans hardly will approve the initiative of the president, especially in the conditions of a huge budgeted deficit.

I hotly welcome today`s performance of president Obama which has designated importance of our answer to historical events the Arabian spring . This call is huge, and our reciprocal actions should consider wishes of people which live in this region - quotes words of Hejga the message Forin - office.

Great Britain, as he said, will be completely on the party of the USA in support of reforms in the countries where people want to see more open and transparent government and to participate in political and economic life of the states. He has underlined that London also conducts work on support of the countries of the Near East through the program of the Arabian partner initiative created several months ago by Britain (Arab Partnership Initiative) which also is sponsored Forin - office.

Hejg has noticed that excitements in region should not eclipse proceeding peace process in the Near East. In this connection it has supported Obama`s other statement that is Israeli - the Palestinian borders should be restored as of 1967, and it becomes one of principles of renewal of negotiations about peace settlements. an unprecedented call the Arabian spring does even more necessary peace process continuation.

Today`s statements establish accurate parametres of a way of the decision (palestino - Israeli) the conflict in which Great Britain mediates. We urge all parties to use such possibility and to return as soon as possible to direct negotiations - the British minister has concluded.