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The State Duma has toughened responsibility for an illegal gaming

News that the retired speaker of the Federation Council Sergey Mironov can come on Ohotnij rjad the deputy , has caused some turmoil in the Duma numbers. And it is not clear, why.

Perhaps Duma spravorossy have overdone, adjusting colleagues from other fractions what with Mironov`s arrival to the State Duma there will be a present oppositional leader? But the parliamentary majority as it was found out, was at all against Mironov has worked the miner in the Duma . And if spravorossy will add any rigidity in the rhetoric, they will meet absolutely adequate answer from our party - we are not afraid of this rigidity - has warned the first vitse - the speaker of the State Duma the United Russia party member Oleg Morozov.

Or to all fault personal relations? Though the majority of deputies asserted that with Mironov they like as be on friendly terms however, without hiding thus what exactly the last year`s amendment to the law, initiated by the Duma majority, also has helped to deprive of its big senatorial office.

On Ohotnij rjad there was Sergey Mironov`s, perhaps, one obvious and uncompromising foe - vitse - the speaker from LDPR Vladimir Zhirinovsky. Here he - that at the next plenary session also has stated that others, probably, wanted to tell, but were silent - eks - the speaker of the Federation Council in the Duma not to start up! our committee on regulations should contact the Central Electoral Committee - it is impossible to admit Mironov here, it should remain in St.-Petersburg - the main liberal - the democrat insisted, frightening colleagues of that with Mironov`s arrival to the Duma will extend mironovshchina - it to us will spoil conditions .

the Deputy of fraction Fair Russia Valery Gartung has tried to protect the leader of the party and has reminded the speaker of chamber conducting session Boris Gryzlov that when lecturers become personal, it is necessary to them to do remarks . However, Zhirinovsky`s appeals in no way have not affected intention spravorossov to pass the chain of actions provided by the law that Sergey Mironov heading the party list on last elections to Duma, all - taki could receive the deputy mandate.

However the destiny of the former speaker not too long distracted attention of people`s choices. The Duma communists have suggested to talk about destiny of all Russian people, which, according to Vladimir Fedotkina, it is reduced on number fastest . Prepare documents, there will be parliamentary hearings - Boris Gryzlov has quickly agreed.

Inspired by this success, and there is more conversation which has, probably, taken place the day before of the leader of Communist Party Gennady Zyuganov with the president, deputies from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation have decided to clear there and then and destiny of the legislative initiative about confiscation of property of officials which cannot prove that have got it on the official incomes. Such norm is provided 20 - j by article of the Convention of the United Nations against corruption. The Duma in the beginning of 2006 ratified the convention, but without 20 - j articles. Communists have thought that now it is a high time to return to it. However the plenipotentiary of the government in the lower chamber of parliament Andrey Loginov has cooled their impulse, having explained that to a question on ratification of article 20 we can return only after end of difficult procedure of joining of Russia to the international report which defines character of responsibility for corruption crimes of the international character . Now this procedure is started, its results are expected to the middle of autumn - Loginov has told.

On this extremely favourable business as flies on honey all crime

Further Friday plenary session already is flied went under the summons. The Duma has definitively fixed cancellation of switching that on summer for winter time and has legalised an hour zone which can not coincide with time zone . Deputies have approved in the second and at once in the third reading of the amendment in the federal budget - 2011, having distributed additional incomes so that a little to please and students, whose grant since September, 1st will grow up for nine percent, and art workers to which the increase to the salary is promised. Twice financing of modernisation of kindergartens increases, 99 million roubles go on payment of indemnifications on care of invalid citizens, on grants and indemnifications to the military men transferred to the reserve, on monthly grants to children of military men.

And here to owners of underground casinos Friday Duma day has brought the big afflictions. People`s choices without any doubts have supported in the first reading presidential amendments to the Criminal code and the Code about the administrative offences, toughening responsibility for the organisation of an illegal gaming. Penalties are promised considerable - for citizens to five thousand roubles, for officials to 50 thousand roubles, and legal persons should give to advantage of the state of 700 thousand to one million roubles and the game equipment in addition. If this illegal business is interfaced to income extraction in especially large size and made by the organised group, punishment will be still surovee - imprisonment for the term up to six years. vitse - the speaker of the State Duma Oleg Morozov has explained the first, than similar strict measures are caused. now the so-called gambling scandal once again convincingly testifying is before our eyes developed that on this business as flies on honey all crime including yet not cleaned from law enforcement bodies, - has noticed Frosts is flied. - legislation infringements have got mass and universal character. As a matter of fact the direct challenge on which the adequate answer should follow is thrown down to the state. If we admit here a weak point, it is possible to wait for explosion of offences and in other spheres .

the Bill specifies also responsibility for extremist activity. Public appeals to it through mass media can lead to imprisonment till five years. And creation of extremist community and a management of it threatens with right loss to occupy certain posts for the term from five till ten years. Besides on these crimes the Investigatory committee will be engaged in criminal cases now.