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The mobile reception of the president led by Surkovym has listened to complaints of Daghestanis

Yesterday in Makhachkala the mobile reception of the president of the Russian Federation worked. The first enrolment of citizens in capital of Dagestan was spent by the first deputy of the head of the Office of the RF President Vladislav Surkov.

the head of Dagestan Magomedsalam Magomedov, the mayor of Makhachkala Said Amirov, members of the government of republic have taken part In work of a mobile reception.

Wishing to get on reception was much. So, 36 - summer Lyudmila Komarevtseva, mother of six children, has told to Vladislav Surkovu about beggarly life of a large family. It works in the State chorus of Republic Dagestan where gets wages about seven thousand roubles. Her husband works at theatre of dolls where earns 13 thousand roubles. Komarevtseva asked to help it with improvement of living conditions, and also to render material aid in acquisition of the computer and toys.

the Question on habitation allocation will be considered further by the special commission. As to the computer, how Vladislav Surkov has told, is available for it superfluous ah - ped, and he is ready to present to its children. Such turn of events was not expected by anybody. Happy and touched mum has hastened to inform joyful news to the relatives home.

Semja Pilkovyh has paid attention of Vladislav Surkova to a problem of allocation of permits in sanatorium. It cannot receive it for 14 - the summer son whom, having been traumatised, became the disabled from childhood. The problem was in bureaucratic delays - in Fund of social insurance of Dagestan. Vladislav Surkov has charged to the Dagestan authorities to solve this question.

And the widow of the participant of the Great Patriotic War Claudia Semendueva has told that in 1998 her son has been stolen by unknown persons, and its destiny is unknown till now. The pensioner lives one, and it does not have forces and means for repair of the old house. The request of the elderly woman was is taken on control by the mayor of Makhachkala.

Except consideration of complaints of inhabitants of republic, Vladislav Surkov has had time to hold a meeting with the head of Dagestan Magomedsalamom Magomedov, representatives of Muslim, orthodox and Judaic faiths, a management of regional branch of party У an United Russia У and also with representatives of the political parties presented in National Cобрании of republic.