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Anna Dmitriev: Maria Sharapova Trainer has brought for the first time in its game intelligence

On Sunday starts the Open championship of France - unique of tournaments the Grand Slam which is played on soil courts. And unique competition among four tennis ases, not beaten while Russian Maria Sharapova.

At the stadium named in honour of the well-known French pilot, other Sharapova will appear. No, speech not about Maria`s dress. That it will appear in a new design dress, is by itself, and it is necessary to beauties - to champions. A surprise in other. Sharapova will show the modernised tennis. Improvements in its actions on court, especially soil, were already noticed by experts. About changes in Sharapova`s game, Masha`s chances in Paris, and also the legendary Soviet tennis-player, the television commentator has told about prospects of other favourites French Open - to 2011 correspondent Anna Dmitriev.

: Anna Vladimirovna, you after all participated in tournament Rolan Garros ? In what number for you this championship?

Anna Dmitriev: I played there few times. It seems to me, it stood and now costs independently. From - for that that tournament passes on a ground, there absolutely other tennis. Probably, it not such modern, as that sportsmen on the others " show; the Big helmets - on Wimbledon and the Open championships of Australia and the USA. But on the Parisian courts tactical variants it is much more interesting. It is necessary - taki to play all a ground, instead of simply to carry out separate blows. Also it is necessary, naturally to suffer.

RG: And remember the recent peripetias connected with possible carrying over of tournament in other place, for example, in the Disneyland and etc.? As a result Rolan Garros has kept the territorial status - kvo, and organizers have decided to conduct reconstruction. And what opinion was at you?

Dmitriev: I in this case the conservative. I for that tournament remained on a former place. For all of us Rolan Garros Bois de Boulogne, metro station " associates with a present arrangement, where near; Port From ...

RG: ... And where directly at an exit from the underground you attack with a question: SHershe lja pljas? search supposedly for a superfluous ticket?

Dmitriev: Certainly. I to admit, and have not understood, why started a theme about tournament carrying over? Probably, wanted to construct new central arena - not to be engaged in reconstruction available. But, on - to mine if not to do a roof, that arena which exists now, quite normal. For me Rolan Garros - only this stadium, and any another.

RG: the Tennis world observes of Raphael Nadalja and Novak Dzhokovicha`s opposition. How think, the Serb of the Spaniard will dethrone?

Dmitriev: Well, now - that Dzhokovich will precisely win first place. Chances with Nadalja to remain on the first position it is few. Even if Rafa will win against Novak in the ending, it will not manage to block road Dzhokovichu. And in case of defeat of Nadalja at any stage of tournament the Serb becomes the first racket automatically. However to me all - taki would be desirable to think that so powerlessly Rafa will not lose.

RG: But all the same Dzhokovich how I understand, out of competition?

Dmitriev: About Dzhokovicha I had reasons. He so now confidently plays that the impression as if it hypnotises contenders is made. It I, of course, laugh. But it manages to eat as though players - those suddenly during any moment stop resistance. If to track, so was and in matches against British Andy Marreja, and in the endings of several tournaments against Nadalja. The same picture was and with Roger Federerom. When you see game of Dzhokovicha, the sensation of any unknown, its fantastic force is created.

RG: Someone from our tennis players can reach in Paris till second week?

Dmitriev: I do not think. While, judging by that game which we now see, hardly.

RG: Maria Sharapova repeats the statement: I supposedly not all have told in tennis. And here has won tournament in Rome is it 23 - j a title, but the first victory for last year. And the first in career at so large soil competition.

Dmitriev: I do not want to hasten with conclusions, but I will express opinion which was created at me in conversations with those experts to which I trust - in particular, with Olga Morozovoj. In Rome new Sharapova has appeared. Changed after a long break. We at last - that have seen shift in Maria`s life. Certainly, it is connected with work of its trainer - Swede Thomas Hogstedta. Not casually it was one of heroes of translation of Rome - it constantly showed. It has brought in Sharapova`s game - and we have seen it for the first time in recent years - any intelligence. She appeared on the court, tactically prepared for each match. It has been charged. Knew and was ready to that, for example, in a match against Voznjatski it is necessary to suffer, and in a duel with Australian Stosur - competently to hammer. That is in each meeting its game a little differed from the previous. Means, it began to diversify the tennis tactically. As to technics at Masha giving has sharply improved. After a trauma of a shoulder it has changed movement of the hand, all case. Besides, at Masha blow on the right has considerably improved. That element which before it often brought because it there was not a blow, and any not finished slap.

RG: Masha in Rome played so fine, what the impression was made, what her has not confused and presence on a tribune of its groom - basketball player Sashi Vujachicha has not prevented? And, more likely, on the contrary.

Dmitriev: In this connection I would like to note one more detail. Masha had a youth team. Nearby the groom, young sparring - partners. That is it not in another`s world where was time grown old and tired, and in the environment corresponding to its mood, age.

RG: Sharapova can apply seriously for a title Rolan Garros ?

Dmitriev: Technics and tactics in its execution testify that it is ready to it. But it does not mean that all components garantirovanno will remain at such level in Paris. The main thing, Sharapova on the right track. And it gives us hope also to Wimbledon. Quite probably that we for Maria on the Olympic Games - 2012 will be ill.


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Rolan Garros :

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Anastasia Myskina - 2004;

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