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Literary critic Lev Danilkin has written Yury Gagarin`s new biography

the Lion Danilkin, the literary critic, a magazine observer the Poster has written the new biography of the protagonist of Soviet period.

For the generation chronologically following for pelevinskim by generation P a figure of first cosmonaut Yury Gagarin, frankly speaking, it is a little attractive and it is simply a little known. Yes, there was such Gagarin, well flied, well has returned tragically was lost still in terrible - far 60 - h years of the last century. And all. Last 50 - summer anniversary of the first space flight has hardly probable generated the one tenth part of that national delight which has been splashed out on April, 12th, 1961.

Space flight was only the ticket in the world where Gagarin should play an important role

Therefore rather symbolical that fact is that for the second gagarinskuju the biography in series ZHZL (the first left even at the time of reorganisation, in 1987) Lev Danilkin, the literary critic, the author " undertook; Posters - one of the main megaphones of young generation. Danilkin, obviously, tried to create the book which can interest not only fans of the Soviet artefacts, but also, conditionally speaking, audience Posters . Therefore - or for the reason danilkinskoj an Anglomania - in the text from first lines there are terms gedzhet proguglit riserch or a suspense Which, probably, will cause bewilderment in the other social groups which representatives are more senior 40 - 45 years, do not understand English-speaking loans and use the Internet (but perfectly know, who such Gagarin) a little.

But on closer examination this, apparently, disputable socially - the philological moment becomes almost advantage of this book, the book about Gagarin, written to the XXI-st century when with space you will surprise nobody - after all even for a lid from beer banks it is possible to win flight in space - and when for achievement of social success it is necessary to dream not of career of the polar pilot, and to rivet appendices for ajfona .

Danilkin speaks in one language with the target audience, tries to be understood by it, but behind all speech expressive means there are sincere reflexions about Gagarin and it to idea arisen during a concrete epoch. Danilkin selects the form as much as possible strict. Any artistry. It is a lot of the facts at times so contradicting each other that Danilkin prefers to leave, without interfering with development of their polemic. Danilkin uses a genre manner, for the first time used by V.V.Veresayev, Pushkin and Gogol`s whose biographies were collages from witty mounted citations . However the best places in the book is, actually, danilkinskie heads in whom he analyzes idea Gagarin, that it is sacral - the symbolical love which has woken up in the people right after of a landing - revivals.

Yes, Danilkin reaches comparison with the Christ ( too has died and has revived too the son of the carpenter has landed on an arable land as the sprouted grain, as the come back sun, as the revived Osiris, the Adonis, as the Christ ) But there and then notices, as to it there were these thoughts and comparisons. And to it as expressed that, be not lost Gagarin on March, 27th, 1968, it could become... the president . Danilkin does very important conclusion: Gagarin - not TAKEN place key figure of Russian history . Space flight was only some kind of initsiatsiej, the ticket in the world where Gagarin should play an important role.

Danilkin in the spirit of an alternative history has outlined a picture of the USSR in which Gagarin would remain is live and has executed a certain prepared mission for it. And it is valid, to Danilkinu why - that you trust. Much could develop on - to another, and, probably, instead of notorious generation P our country would learn - well, we will dream up together with Danilkinym - absolutely other generation G .