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Alexander Popova again have selected chairman of the board RFSO the Locomotive

The day before in capital of Russia there has passed conference Russian fizkulturno - a sports society the Locomotive which this year marks 75 - summer anniversary.

Under banners RFSO many sportsmen of a world class, including prize-winners of the Olympic games are collected. However, not less a prominent aspect, to which in the Locomotive the attention, - sports mass is paid. So, this year with success there have passed XX winter Games of workers of the railways, and last year more than 20 thousand persons became participants of various amateur competitions. At conference to delegates from more than 40 regional branches results of activity of a society for 2010 have been reported. the locomotive has endured reorganisation, and together with it accents in society activity were replaced also. As chief executive RFSO " has informed; The locomotive Andrey Bykov, an emphasis will be made for work on places, on the organisation of work of the isolated divisions, regional societies, as all present activity on places:

- We should develop, search for something new, we use various dialogues to receive new experience. The basic emphasis we will do on regions, in close contact to structural divisions.

In turn the chief of department of department of social development of Open Society the Russian Railway Ilya Vdovin has noticed that the main task of this year begins to keep historically developed generality of the railwaymen participating in is sports - mass actions:

- Now the railway branch is in an active phase of reforming, there are new branches, affiliated companies... Therefore it is extremely important, that railwaymen have kept the unity under the flag of a society. That have not started to live separately, having lost sports communications with colleagues.

we Will notice that conference not only has confirmed the plan on the further development RFSO, but also has prolonged powers of the chairman of the board, the quadruple Olympic champion on Alexander Popova`s swimming.

Following the results of action by the thoughts the chief of department of social development of the Russian Railway Oleg Dudkin has shared with the correspondent:

- we have a confidence that we will is forward to solve all questions, and it will necessarily lead to positive result. By the way, the approach to support of sports in Russian Railway system undergoes changes, and the company passes to more effective expenditure of means for these purposes. Together with RFSO the Locomotive sports which will get priority financial support, that corresponding clubs under a brand " are selected; the Locomotive would have all possibilities for achievement of the highest results. Uniform approaches to management and the reporting of all clubs are simultaneously entered. By the way, within the next quarter we will finish organizational actions for preparation for transfer of our sports objects to management RFSO the Locomotive .