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In the State Duma the bill forbidding not state lotteries

the Bill, forbidding carrying out of not state lotteries is introduced, according to its authors, deputies Igor Lebedev, Maxim Rohmistrova and Sergey Ivanov, directed on strengthening of the state lottery activity the income from which at a rate of not less than 40 % should go on various social programs.

the Current legislation provides carrying out both state, and not state lotteries. In the explanatory note to the bill deputies notice that the state lotteries, as a rule, comprise a social component. Not state lotteries, on the contrary, are directed not on fund raising on social needs, and on personal enrichment of organizers of lotteries.

According to the current legislation the prize fund should be formed at a rate of not less than 50 % of a gain from the spent lottery, and on target means (charity and etc.) It should be allocated not less than 10 %. Thus, the remained 40 % arrive to the organizer of a lottery. That is money almost every second participant of a lottery goes to a pocket of the organizer.

the introduced bill provides abolition of all not state lotteries and development of the state lottery activity the income from which at a rate of not less than 40 % should go on various social programs. Thus, on a plan of authors, incomes of carrying out of the state lotteries will go on support of children, needy citizens, large families, invalids and veterans of war and work, education system and sports development and others socially - economic targets.

Meanwhile the lottery community does not perceive seriously this bill. In conversation with our correspondent the chairman of executive committee of Commonwealth of operators and organizers of lottery branch Margarita Klinkevich has told that now it is impossible. If the state posesses monopoly for carrying out of lotteries in this case the state should create the company which will pay the salary to the employees from the budget, to establish terminals, to develop the software, to generate the advertising policy. what, it has no place to spend budget money? If there is no place, let`s enter state monopoly, - she speaks. - would be more correct to enter monopoly for reception of the income of carrying out of lotteries because the state should possess such right. A question in where the income of lotteries, if on social needs it is correct " will go;.

Recently agency Discovery Research Group has finished research of lottery business in Russia. The volume of the Russian lottery market following the results of 2010 makes nearby 10 mlrd rbl. a year. At the same time our country is not included into number 50 of the states mentioned in ratings and reports of the international lottery associations. On steady customers of tickets it is necessary 7 % of client lottery base. Casual clients at the age from 45 years become the basic purchasers of tickets. Such about 1 million persons. Loyal clients - no more than 70 thousand

Experts assert that the licence for an instant lottery to receive easier, and it manages to organizers more cheaply tirazhnoj. Series start from zero costs about $500 thousand, on tirazhnuju it is necessary to spend $3 - 4 million - provided that its results will be published in the press. According to experts, in Russia most of all instant lotteries - on them 60 % of the market are necessary, the share tirazhnyh makes 30 %, electronic - 10 % (for comparison: in structure of world lottery business hi-tech electronic lotteries occupy 80 % of total amount).