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The Natsbank of Belarus has removed restrictions on a rouble exchange rate establishment at fulfilment of transactions on Mezhbank

Today National bank of Belarus has removed restrictions on an establishment of the rate of exchange of the Belarus rouble at fulfilment of transactions of purchase and sale of foreign currency between banks and subjects of managing in the off-exchange currency market (so-called Mezhbank ) . Earlier currency of the enterprise available for them could sell each other at an official rate plus - a minus 10 %.

This decision is directed on overcoming of the developed uncertainty of participants of the market concerning the further situation of development in home market and directed on gradual transition to the unified course on various segments of the currency market - the first deputy of the chairman of the board of Natsbank of Belarus Nikolay Luzgin has declared.

Before it the Natsbank vainly tried to keep a present course zajchika (euro - 4. 382,60 Belarus roubles, dollar - 3. 074). As a result Natsbank reserves were reduced to third, but the people continue to stand in turns in exchangers and business already has practically passed to a free course, but on to grey schemes .

the Head of the Russian Savings Bank, making comments on this situation, already declared that sooner or later Belarus will be compelled to spend devaluation of national currency from - for growing deficiency and reduction of gold and exchange currency reserves .

But now, seemingly, the authorities have taken the first step releasing national currency in free swimming . The second step is expected next week. As Nikolay Luzgin, " has declared; Belarus currency - the stock exchange next week will hold the alternative auctions for definition of a market rate of the Belarus rouble on the basis of supply and demand . Specification that " has Afterwards arrived; at a stock exchange on the basis of supply and demand the course of free purchase - currency sales at parallel preservation while basic auctions where basically work is carried out within the limits of obligatory sale of currency on definite purposes of critical import " will be established;.

That is while Belarus intends to go only on parallel circulation of currency - at a state course and on free. At a state course it will buy those to whom it is necessary on free - all the others. The state thus intends on - former to keep the prices on socially significant goods and services many of which are bought abroad - naturally, for currency.

But the director of department of a price policy of the Ministry of Economics Igor Fomin declared that lists of such goods are already specified and reduced. regulation remains on principal views of the goods: bread, meat, milk, a flour, groats, eggs and a number of others   - the director of department has told.

Thus the authorities of Belarus try to keep the the market with the socialist person . Thus the main hope is assigned to Russia from which Belarus asks one more large currency credit. And without it it is necessary not only to untie zajchik from a mooring but also to release a rope .