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The Legislative Assembly of Sverdlovsk area has approved decrease in rates of the transport tax

Deputies of Legislative Assembly of Sverdlovsk area have approved decrease in rates of the transport tax. However, unlike other regions of district, here do not hasten to null tax burden of motorists.

we Will remind, last year Dmitry Medvedev has signed the law which twice lowered base rates of the transport tax and has given to subjects of Federation the right to null gathering for the most harmless transport (that recognised cars capacity to 150 l. With.) . To compensate dropping out incomes of regional budgets it is supposed at the expense of planned increase of the excise on gasoline - every year on rouble till 2013, and 80 % of incomes of increase of rates remain in regional budgets. It was supposed that thus motorists will cease to pay twice, and the big loading will fairly lay down on shoulders most mobile : you go more - you pay more.

In Uralsk federal district of the first has used transport the right the Tyumen region. The regional parliament still has in the end of the last year passed the law which has released from the transport tax of physical persons - owners of those harmless, to 150 l. With., cars, and also physical persons - owners of motorcycles and motor scooters. Thus, according to official figures, losses of the regional budget from dropping out tax revenues in 2011 will make 162,677 million roubles. According to Michael Taranova, the first deputy of the director of regional department of the finance, indexation of excises on oil products compensates them only in the event that the rise in price of fuel will not force motorists to save on trips.

Developed by government Jamalo - Nenets autonomous region the bill also nulls the tax for owners of cars capacity to 150 l. With. 90 percent of cars concern this category in district, and under a privilege get more than 100 thousand automobile owners.

the Same way - tax zeroing - have gone and in HMAO - Jugre. According to the first zames titelja department of economic development HMAO - Jugry Vasily Dudnichenko, the district budget all the same remains in plus - gathering under excises approximately on 500 million roubles will exceed dropping out incomes. Rate zeroing will reduce receipts in 2012 on 631,7 million roubles, and receipts from excises will grow on 1,1 billion.

- To us on Jugru it is not necessary to equal, - Vladimir Tereshkov, the chairman of budgetary committee Sverdlovsk obl declares thoughts. - at them the budget another, they presume overindulgence with zeroing.

As he said, the transport tax brings to the regional budget nearby 1,5 mlrd roubles, the region has the widest in Ural Mountains base of the taxation. Therefore in Sverdlovsk area have chosen the mechanism of a stage-by-stage reduction in tax for cars to 150 horses : in 2011 - for 40 percent, in 2012 - m and in 2013 - m - for 30 percent in relation to previous year rates. As a result for three years the tax will decrease for two thirds, however in power previous years so actively raised the regional rate that it and remains above base federal (2,5 roubles for l. With. For cars to 100 l. With. And 3,5 roubles - to 150 l. With.) . To last increase it was not executed also half a year: for cars to hundred the rate makes 15,7 roubles for each force, from 100 to 150 - 31,9 roubles. In three years of the rate will go down to 4,59 and 9,38 roubles accordingly - and will exceed base indicators in two and three times. The bill has already passed two readings.

In two Ural regions - Kurgan and Chelyabinsk areas - have left rates of the transport tax in general without changes. The Chelyabinsk motorists provide to the regional budget comparable with sverdlovchanami incomes - from above 1,4 mlrd roubles in 2010, and now the authorities of Southern Ural Mountains estimate possibilities of replacement of the tax duties.

In Zauralye this question yet does not cost on the agenda. The tax total sum in 2011 should make 400 million roubles, its collecting today - to 90 %.

- the Rate of the transport tax in the Kurgan region is accepted maximum even more load tax bearers we cannot, - Kurgan governor Oleg Bogomolov has explained. - we do not have other sources of formation of fund means from which will go on repair of roads.

However unconditional champions as regards the rate of the transport tax nevertheless have Average Ural Mountains, where to the power on a maximum have loaded motorists.

Actual rates of the transport tax in UrFO