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Alexey Kudrin: In 2012 of a budgeted deficit of the Russian Federation it is possible to avoid at the price of oil of 120 dollars for barrel

In 2012 the budgeted deficit of Russia can become zero at the mid-annual price for oil in 120 dollars for barrel - the head of the Ministry of Finance Alexey Kudrin which department finishes designing of the federal budget for a year of presidential election plus as early as two years has declared.

he Also has not had time to tell it, how the world prices for the main export goods of Russia have jumped off : in New York for 2,5 dollars to 107 dollars for barrel, in Europe - for 1,84 dollars to 121,6 dollars (for Brent). And we Urals is much cheaper. However, the present chairman of the OPEC Iranian Mohammad Ali Hatibi has already promised that oil will continue to rise in price, at least, till the end of this year. But knowingly still Egor Gaydar said that the fastest way to lose reputation is to be engaged in a prediction of the oil prices.

However expensive and very expensive oil is necessary to Russia. Even this year the Ministry of Finance promises to reduce incomes with expenses at the price of not less than 115 dollars for barrel, but it can be demanded and a little higher price . While the country sits in deficiency approximately on 1 - 1,4 % of gross national product (500 - 700 mlrd roubles). However, in Reserve fund of the government while it is twice more than money, but it while …

Still recently, A.Kudrin reminds, the Ministry of Finance planned achievement of the sufficient budget by 2015 at the price of oil of 70 dollars for barrel. But made by the government of the Russian Federation the decisions increasing expenses of the budget, very expensive and calculations should be corrected to present 105 dollars. And now it is necessary to add to them 15 dollars more.

That is, we live beyond the means, but taking seat on an oil needle all is deeper.

And a gleam it is not visible. The Ministry of Finance at all does not count on serious increase not oil gross national product - but searches for additional ways of replenishment of treasury. it is a question of increasing loading more by consumption - A.Kudrin speaks. First of all it is excises - that is, vodka and tobacco the prices on which will continue growth with serious acceleration. In the second turn - taxes to property both physical, and legal bodies. However, the Ministry of Finance promises not to strive on increase of rates, and to be engaged administration improvement that is, collectings of taxes.

While it concerns more the property of the enterprises about which Alexey Kudrin has already told that it at us both it is considered badly, and it is registered badly, and the property rights are badly reflected, and accordingly not to the full the tax " always gathers; …