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Sergey Solovev represents the film Schoolmates on a film festival the Double dv

I am very glad to possibility to present on the first in Russia the Internet - festival the Double dv the last picture Schoolmates . It went on screens of Russia, but in any extremely limited hire. And such boundless, such phenomenally unlimited hire as on the Internet, is, of course, honour for any author.

This picture - about modern youth. In VGIKe where I teach, I have given to the students the task to write small history about life and problems of the modern young. And here the student of ours with Valery Davidovichem Rubinchikom of a course Sleepyhead Karpunina has brought not that 8, not that 10 pages which I have read, and they were pleasant to me. When we tell about young men, usually the first question: And than they differ from those young, what were earlier, even earlier and absolutely earlier? . And so, the history which was brought by the Sleepyhead, convincingly showed that in the main thing of what the life consists, no especial difference is present. I assumed for a long time it. When me in interview asked: Than the modern young man differs from flood youth, say, the sixtieth when I only - only have arrived in VGIK? I reflected, and then came besides to a conclusion: in the main thing - anything! The good young man 60 - h exactly differs nothing from the good young man 2011 - go. Certainly, many external distinctions. Certainly, absolutely other time - here and the Internet - festival already we start. It is possible to look at a film at itself in the computer in the Network - certainly, time it differs very strongly. But these external differences in any way do not define the film maintenance, his soul.

Video: Sergey Minabutdinov

Therefore to me it is terribly important - as though in many years separating me today`s from my youth, to say about the today`s young man with understanding of that it is occupied in effect with the same hopes, sorrows, pleasures and the same love.

shooting a picture, I thought of its genre much. It is considered important - to define a genre orientation of a film though life, as it is known, has no genres. Here is how in George Nikolaevicha Danelia`s films it is impossible to understand that it is comedies, tragedies, tragicomedies or dramas. Because all life - not that a comedy, not that a drama, not that tragedy. But all - taki I thought: what at me it turns out for a genre? And as a result has made of a picture very strange definition: poorly clever cinema. Necessarily in three words and at all two: feeble-minded cinema. No, necessarily separately: poorly clever! Why? Because the distinctive feature of life of good young men in modern conditions is their basic unwillingness at first something cleverly to consider, and then it something to make. They now usually do on - to another: at first something do, and then think - that from this can proizrasti. And if at first seriously you will reflect - that like and to do already a reluctance. And to live as - that it is necessary.

Here such ours poorly clever a film, a hybrid of a drama, tragedy and a comedy we also want to present to attention of spectators festival the Double dv .