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Russian business - the community supports fall of insurance social payments

Employers support fall of insurance social payments, change of an order of payment of preschedule pensions and indemnifications for harmful working conditions.

loudly advertised offers on change of the labour legislation Today should be sounded. It will occur at conference on quality of labour on a Week of the Russian business.

Some initiatives are already known - on site RSPP the conference draught resolution is hung out. Among the most accurately designated problems - increase of insurance payments to 34 percent, preschedule pensions management of professional risks.

As it is marked in the project, the share of expenses on obligatory pension and social insurance in gross national product of Russia makes roughly 12 percent. Thus its efficiency for citizens more low, than in the countries of America and Europe. Shock 30 - the percentage increase in the total tariff of insurance payments with 26 to 34 percent has already made negative impact on economy, but has not made its more effective - it is told in the document. The solution of a problem, according to authors of the resolution, is connected not so much with search of additional sources of financing, how many with increase of efficiency of insurance systems, necessity to establish comprehensible level of insurance payments for all categories of business, instead of to solve a problem by displacement of financial loading towards the large companies.

As it is known, possible decrease in insurance payments was declared recently by the president of Russia Dmitry Medvedev and has charged to the government to work this question. Then the head of Federation of independent trade unions of Russia (FNPR) Michael Shmakov has declared that trade unions will oppose such decision if, of course, something in exchange is not offered such what it is impossible to refuse. For example, if budgets of social funds do not adhere to heavy taxes on minerals that will provide them bezdefitsitnost and high level of social security of Russians.

One more sensitive issue - reforming of preschedule pensions. it is necessary to create the system of professional pensions based on the reasonable tariff policy. In this work it is necessary to mention socially sensitive themes, such as justice of the bases of appointment of preschedule pensions and experience of work is minimum necessary for it, coordination of preschedule pensions with actual working conditions, on the basis of certification of workplaces, a question on simultaneous payment of a salary and preschedule pension at work continuation in the same conditions - it is told in the resolution.

the Theme has arisen not for no reason - conversations on it are conducted not the first year, including at the governmental level. As it became known, the authorities consider variants of change of rules of an exit on preschedule pension. It is not excluded that it will be appointed not after the work experience in this or that trade, and depending on real working conditions. If the enterprise is modernised also risks for health of the worker are shown to a minimum preschedule pension can not be, or the exit on it can take place at bolshem the experience, than now. On the contrary, if working conditions dangerous people will leave on rest earlier even if also the trade was not considered as the harmful. Can change and rules of appointment of indemnifications for harmful working conditions - them will pay not to all who concerns this or that branch or a trade, but only that who really works in bad conditions. Accordingly, will change in this case and rates of social insurance for the enterprises: are raised there, where harmful working conditions. There is a variant and new rules of payment of indemnifications to workers: Not under lists, as now, but only that who really works in dangerous conditions.