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The State Duma has refused seasonal transfer of hours

the State Duma at session on Tuesday has approved in the first reading the bill About computation of time which legislatively fixes cancellation of seasonal transfer of hours.

In 1991 the Supreme body decision the decision on transition to summertime was accepted, - has reminded, making comments on the summons of session the speaker of the lower chamber of the Russian parliament Boris Gryzlov. Is it has been caused by that it was necessary to save the electric power. The economy was weak, and, probably, then this decision was fair . Now, according to the speaker, at us the country strong costs standing, and we can put other priority is health of citizens . For the last twentieth anniversary it became clear that transition to summer and winter time negatively affects on health of citizens Gryzlov has noticed. And here now, - he has told, - there is an offer that transition to summertime which has occurred in our country this year, we will fix, and more any transitions will not be. That is then we already will live at the same time easy, having eliminated the law these negative influences on health .

the President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev on February, 8th this year declared the decision to cancel since autumn of 2011 transition on winter time also has given the corresponding commission to the government of the Russian Federation. He has underlined that necessity to adapt (to switching of hours) is connected both with stress, and with diseases . Medvedev is assured that cancellation of such transition will be useful. A transition problem on summer - winter time, the president has noted, concerns all people. It has reminded that in the Message to Federal Meeting in 2009 spoke on this theme which became a subject of serious researches.

We, really, have got used every spring and to translate autumn hands and on a habit on it to swear, because the biorhythm human is really broken, it irritates all, all either spill out, or wake up early and do not know, where itself to put within superfluous hour. Well, I do not speak about unfortunate cows and other animals who do not understand transfer of hours and do not understand, why milkmaids come to them to other time - Medvedev has told. An establishment everywhere in the country summer time, the president has underlined, will be useful. He has added that the decision on transition cancellation was accepted proceeding from these reasons. we will not pass on winter (time), we once still will test trouble, because just transition on summer time always is a reduction of a dream at one o`clock but after that troubles will end. At the same time we will have a prolonged light day. It seems to me that it would be interesting and to our country in general, more likely, it is useful., Anyway, people about it repeatedly asked me - Medvedev has told.

In Russia for the first time seasonal transfer of hours has been carried out on July, 1st, 1917 according to the Provisional government decree. In the world now such transfer carry out about 70 countries of the world.