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The assistant to head FNS Andrey Petrushin: tax bearers will have a possibility to pay taxes ecash

About what possibilities before nalogo the payer already are opened today by the Internet, a deputy head of Federal tax service of Russia Andrey Petrushin tells.

- whether changes in state registration procedure in connection with the introduction from the beginning of this year of the Federal law from 27 Are planned. 07. 2010 N 227 - FZ which contains the positions allowing at state registration to represent documents in electronic form?

- it is unconditional, such work as us is conducted. For realisation of the law mentioned by you the order of the government of the Russian Federation from 10 is published. 12. 2010 N 2244 - the river the Service last year has developed and has directed to the Ministry of Finance of Russia necessary projects standard - legal certificates. In March of this year the government of the Russian Federation assigns to the Ministry of Finance of Russia and FNS Russia new powers.

In the first half of the year 2011 on the basis of N 46 MIFNS Russia - the Uniform registration centre across Moscow the project " is realised; Electronic registration in which frameworks at state registration individual businessmen and legal bodies give electronic documents with a digital signature. The detailed information is accessible on an official site nalog. ru.

- whether something Will change in connection with the new law in which there is a speech and about placing of data on state registration on a site to networks the Internet?

- Today the necessary minimum of data on state registration already is on our site. Certainly, it is planned to expand structure of these data thanks to what the number of inquiries on paper carriers and necessity of their payment will decrease.

We consider possibility of the publication of data on heads of legal bodies, and also publications of data on individual businessmen that at present still is not present.

- New portal FNS of Russia offers now tax bearers of 11 services. What of them uses the greatest popularity at Russians?

- it is on the average fixed more than 8 million visitors monthly. On our statistics, the most demanded the Internet - service can name a private office the tax oplatelshchika - about 2 million references a month.

- What innovations wait for physical persons this year?

- In the long term tax bearers can receive through a private office the information on objects of property, the ground areas and the vehicles which are in their property, with instructions of a date started and the possession termination, and also the basic characteristics of these objects.

In case of detection of the wrong data the tax bearer can address in tax department for information specification. FNS Russia in registering bodies, such as Rosreestr, the traffic police and others which are the primary source of the data for formation of tax base, for the purpose of removal of disagreements, in turn, will address.

I Will notice that FNS Russia has already developed the software which is at present at a testing stage. Thanks to such software there will be a possibility to receive the information on current charges and receipt of taxes, a condition of calculations with the budget.

it is the Extremely important that access to the information will be opened only to the authorised users who registered by tax department in a place the account and have received individual requisites of access to the private office. These are requirements of the Tax code and the law on the personal data.

Besides, the spectrum of given services through the Internet will extend.

- Now among Russians use of ecash became very popular, tell, when it is possible to expect such possibility to tax bearers?

- Now work on it goes at full speed, in the near future tax bearers will have a possibility to pay taxes and ecash - through terminals, cash dispenses and payment systems. We consider that it is necessary to give possibility to pay through the Internet not only taxes, but also duties and other payments administered by tax service.

Now within the limits of the pilot project on payment of the state services works with Federal exchequer and the Savings Bank are already conducted. Tax bearers will have an opportunity to bring payments through the Internet, and tax departments through system of Federal exchequer will receive the information on the fact of payment and transfer of the sum of the budget.

We plan that through a private office the tax bearer can familiarise with the tax notice. In a word, the payment fact will be fixed, and it will not be necessary to send the notice mail.

- Tell, how FNS Russia co-operates with a uniform portal of the state and municipal services?

- Now, for example, FNS with use of a uniform portal stage by stage translates in an electronic kind the state services confirmed by the order of the government of the Russian Federation from 17. 10. 2009 N 1555 - the river some possibilities Now are realised.

So, it is possible to direct the demand for giving of documents for state registration of legal persons, country (farmer) economy and physical persons as individual businessmen and to carry out monitoring of a course of its execution. Besides, it is possible to receive the information on presence (absence) of back taxes of the physical person.

physical persons have a possibility to send the statement for statement on the account in tax department in a residence through the Internet and to learn the INN.

Legal bodies, individual businessmen and country (farmer) economy can receive extracts (electronic or on the paper carrier) about to themselves - on the basis of the inquiry which signed by a digital signature and has arrived in electronic form through the Internet.

Further FNS Russia will be conducted in electronic form by the Uniform state register of lotteries and to give data from them in electronic form. Besides, the service will give out in electronic form permissions to carrying out of the All-Russia lotteries.

- whether innovations of a lath of average number of the personnel defining a duty of the company to represent the reporting in electronic form Will concern?

- Yes, in general we consider that it is necessary to make the changes obliging the companies with average number of workers from above of 10 persons to the legislation (now - 100 persons) to report in electronic form on telecommunication communication channels. Probably, after 2015 such duty will be entered for all organisations.

I Will notice that FNS Russia plans to encourage such tax bearers, for example, prodljat for them terms of delivery of the reporting on one - two weeks. By our estimations, it will allow to lower peak loadings on system and will provide receipt of the accounting tax departments given in bases earlier as necessity for manual input of indicators will disappear.

- As affairs with introduction of system of electronic invoices are? What is necessary for realisation of this project?

- Certainly, use of invoices in electronic form will essentially raise quality and efficiency of gathering of the information, will simplify and will accelerate procedures of checks of tax bearers.

But, first of all, granting of invoices in electronic form probably by a mutual consent and at presence at them compatible technical and software. Now there is a possibility to integrate the automated control systems of activity of the organisations and system of electronic document circulation of invoices.

in electronic form projects of formats Today are developed for invoices, books of purchases and sales, magazine of the received and exposed invoices. Besides, the Order of exhibiting and reception of invoices in electronic form on telecommunication communication channels with digital signature application is already developed. This document is co-ordinated routinely, and the Ministry of Finance of Russia prepares the order under its statement. The format and order of a direction of the requirement about representation of documents in electronic form and an order of granting of documents on request of tax department in electronic form are developed.

time position about a network of operators of electronic document circulation which contains requirements on certification of the software providing electronic document circulation of invoices Is developed.