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During week-end to Moscow

Warming long-awaited warming will come to capital Such forecast will come just during week-end. the director of hydrometeorological centre Roman Vilfand has given today.

Within the next few days the temperature will approximately rise on one degree a day, - he has noted. - on April, 21st we expect 13 - 14 degrees in the afternoon, and by April, 24th - to 16 degrees of heat . Nevertheless,   night temperatures while remain around 0 degrees, frosts are possible even. Thus in hydrometeorological centre have specified that such temperature corresponds to climatic norm. we live in moderate widths of Eurasia, - has explained Vilfand, - And all course of climatic processes, despite public complaints, corresponds to norm .

However, in the south of Siberia, in Transbaikalia, the temperature nevertheless exceeds norm on 8 - 10 degrees. The warm spring creates conditions for fires. However experts more than once underlined that burning woods - result of human activity, and not so warm weather.

the Head of hydrometeorological centre while has refrained from forecasts for May holidays. As he said, even a theoretical limit of predictability of processes in atmosphere - two weeks. Earlier, under preliminary forecasts of weather forecasters, it was informed that May in the European territory of Russia on temperature indicators will be close to norm.

Also   the Novel of Vilfand has declared that Muscovites and inhabitants of the centre of Russia do not need to be afraid of repetition of extremely hot summer. cold summer it is not expected, rainy too, - has declared today Vilfand. Moreover, in the European territory of Russia in June and July deficiency of deposits is predicted. However, abnormal heat as last year when the average temperature of air exceeded norm on 7 - 8 degrees, will not be, weather forecasters mark. Hot will be in the south of Siberia, the director of hydrometeorological centre has added.