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The government of Italy is revolted by actions of France concerning immigrants

In rime outright have become angry about Paris. Business has reached that the Italian Minister for Foreign Affairs Ex Frattini named behaviour of Frenchmen unfriendly .

the Head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has made the order to the ambassador in Paris to express the firm protest in connection with events on ex - the Italian border.

So has occurred? The French authorities almost for days have stopped railway communication between the Italian city of Ventimilja and French Mentonom. Necessity " became an official substantiation to how specify in Paris; to provide security measures in connection with a protest action advantage Trains planned levatskimi the organisations of different sense.

If it is concrete, it was a question of intention of group Italian levakov - active workers to check up on durability boundary control which Frenchmen have toughened from - for possible flow of the African refugees. So that provocation has gone right, was planned to take in a trip some tens Tunisians. However any passenger express train and has not crossed border.

that Frenchmen have gone on time, but quite real closing of the general border, Italians see, how it is underlined in the communique of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, infringement of basic principles of the European Union . And, first of all, the rights to free moving in the Schengen space.

the conflict Essence consists that Italians these days have started to give out in a mass order temporary residence permit to illegal immigrants who since February are forwarded from southern coast of the Mediterranean on northern, first of all to Italy. As a result only Tunisians on the Apennines it has appeared over 20 thousand persons.

Rome has addressed for the help to colleagues on the European Union, but those have let know: Italy should understand itself with the problems. In revenge Italians have decided to legalise refugees. As the deputy from right " thereupon has declared; North Leagues Matteo Salvini, the earlier illegal immigrants will receive papers, the faster we will get rid of them . The matter is that almost anybody from Tunisians, and all of them frankofony, in Italy does not intend to remain. Their purpose - to get over to France where the Tunisian community totals 600 thousand persons. Now, when these refugees have the official documents on hands, allowing to cross internal borders of EU, they for certain and will arrive.

However, the French authorities will try to make everything that it has not occurred. After all besides the Italian kind on a residence immigrants should prove that have sufficient means. The questions lifted by a borderline case between Rome and Paris, most likely, become the main theme ex - the Italian meeting at the highest levels which is planned for April, 26th.