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Inhabitants of Blagoveshchensk have supported idea to deprive municipal officials and deputies of a part of privileges

In regional centre Priamurja have ended the public hearings devoted to a question of deprivation of a part of privileges of municipal employees and deputies of a municipal duma. The public has supported the offer   heads of Blagoveshchensk Vladimir Kobelev about modification of the charter of a city and cancellation of some privileges.

It is offered to clean such preferences, as annual sanatorno - resort treatment, fare indemnification   in sanatoria and rest houses, and also payment of compensation to the device for new work within a year and other privileges. So, municipal employees can lose payments at transition to new service or at a direction in other district, and also the interest-free loan for acquisition or habitation building.

At hearings townspeople with surprise have learnt that now such loan is given to municipal employees for a period of 20 years, and, the city budget extinguishes 70 percent of the sum taken by the official. Thus neither to city doctors, nor teachers, other experts, vital to a city, in general no privileges are put. This injustice has been noted present on hearings, it began the reason of a birth of the new offer - to start with interests of the population of a city and to establish to officials of a privilege in conformity with possibilities of the city budget. As in 2010 the considerable sum has been allocated for various privileges to municipal employees and people`s choices from the rather poor city budget for Blagoveshchensk - about 7 million roubles.

the decision Project on privileges with all remarks and offers blagoveshchentsev will be placed for consideration a municipal duma in May, 2011.