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Inhabitants of Volgograd have sent to students of Tshinvala of ten thousand textbooks

On an appeal remained without the books of students of Jugo necessary for employment - Osset state university ten Volgograd high schools have responded.

Textbooks on the physicist and chemistry, history and the literature, philosophy and the foreign languages, the special literature on building, architecture and technologies of constructional materials … Knowledge that the Volgograd teachers and students collected three months, touching personal and high school libraries, students peduniversiteta perekidali in cars for four hours.

Now to trucks, under an outset filled by textbooks, it is necessary to overcome almost one thousand kilometres of difficult road. In Tshinvale valuable cargo three thousand students and more than one and a half hundreds teachers of Jugo - Osset university already wait. After bombardments and destructions of summer of 2008 their work and study - continuous overcoming of difficulties, but with arrival scientifically - the humanitarian help from Volgograd hardly becomes easier.

- On a call thrown by Public chamber of the Volgograd region from giving of regional diaspora Alanija all leading high schools of Volgograd have responded. Being guided by a site of Jugo - Osset university, they have collected books for students of all of 23 specialities that teach in far high school, - the rector of Academy of improvement of teachers, a member of Public chamber of the Volgograd region Nikolay Bolotov speaks.

the textbooks Collected across all Volgograd have transported in the big hall of academy of improvement of teachers. There volumes have touched, have sorted on themes and have prepared for sending. However the start of a humanitarian column planned for December of last year, it was necessary to postpone. On winter on mountain passes of Ossetia fogs have gone down, the way was blocked by avalanches. From Tshinvala to the Volgograd friends have advised to wait till the spring.

Only now when the road has dried out, knowledge has gone to a way on a route Volgograd - Tshinval. Will accept the necessary cargo rector Jugo - the Osset state university, well and to unload books more actively others - those 15 students that here two years nominal grants from the Volgograd region receive.

On the way back from Tshinvala the Volgograd caravan will necessarily turn in an arrangement of a contingent of the Russian army in South Ossetia. Many soldiers and the officers drawing duty there, it come from Volgograd. They already know that from the small native land it in a gift carry almost five hundreds detective and adventure books and 15 boxes with spice-cakes, cookies and sweets.