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Alanija has lost the first points in CHR among commands of the first battalion

Vladikavkaz Alanija has stumbled on the home field in game with other favourite of the first battalion, Siberia . the Pearl a victory has finished a series of guest meetings, again bright match have given out Khimki and in Voronezh the most titled football player of a battalion debuted. All basic events of fourth round FNL - in the next review.

In the attention centre

Alanija Vladikavkaz - Siberia Novosibirsk 1:1

In the central match of round there were losers last year`s the prime minister - leagues which seriously intend to be overcome for returning in an elite battalion. The past season vladikavkaztsy have twice won with the identical account 2:1, and repetition of such result hardly would become sensation. In - the first, Alanija Confidently looks on start of present tournament, and in - the second, at stadium Spartak 23 thousand fans - very decent audience for the first battalion were going to support it.

But as often happens, the hero a match for 6 points there was an arbitrator - rostovchanin Vasily Miroshnichenko. Already on the second minute it has appointed a penalty in gate of visitors for contact of defender Buhrjakova with alantsem Buraevym. And after blow of Bikmaeva owners have moved in the account. Football players Siberia have quickly come to the senses and have taken hold of the initiative. On 20 - j to minute vladikavkaztsev only improbable reaction of goalkeeper Homicha has rescued, managed to strike aside the strongest blow Left in an emphasis. And last minute a time sibirtsa Degtyaryov on the very brink of the penal area Alanii have slightly adhered with a hand then it has failed on a lawn, and the judge has specified again on a point . So the account became equal. In second half of match owners looked more interesting and attacked more sharply. But at visitors defenders and goalkeeper Tsygan which has spent in due time for " successfully operated; Alaniju almost 130 matches.

decide destiny of a match could next a penalty, which arbitrator has appointed on 85 - j to minute for a pulling down in penal Siberia Brazilian Vandino. And though from all three disputable episodes this infringement seemed to the most obvious, Miroshnichenko herself and has cancelled the decision, having conferred with the assistant. that both goals have been hammered from a penalty - acknowledgement of that in the field there was an intense struggle, and the moments from a play of the team each other have not allowed to create. Result natural - the instructor of visitors Igor Kriushenko has underlined after a match. Meanwhile, Alanija has lost the first points in the championship. there should be faster control of a ball, transition in attack, pressure. But have played when already there was no place to disappear - the trainer vladikavkaztsev Vladimir Gazzayev recognised.

a Torpedo Moscow - SHinnik Yaroslavl 1:0

This game experts expected with certain interest. For jaroslavtsev, gained already two victory in guest meetings, matches in capital traditionally have basic character. avtozavodtsy yet do not impress with game, but result achieve, having typed in the first rounds four points.

Anything outstanding it is black - white have not shown and this time. But SHinnik after two rather interesting duels in Voronezh and Kaliningrad, has played even more blankly, and without having created sharp scoring chances. And on 80 - j to minute jaroslavtsy, to all other, have failed in defence. At a Torpedo one of the most age football players FNL, 36 - summer halfback Andrey Konovalov has caused a stir.

round Defeat

KAMAZ Naberezhnye Chelny - a Torpedo Vladimir 3:0

Vladimir torpedovtsy in the third time in a season have suffered a great defeat. We will notice that in the second time chelnintsy have twice hammered into their gate from a penalty. in my understanding if the judge has decided to put 11 - metre should make it in first half as there were moments much less disputable - has noticed on poslematchevoj a press - conferences the trainer of visitors Evgenie Durnev who in 90 - e has spent years in structure KAMAZa three seasons. a Torpedo became the first command, at which in the column the passed balls standings there was a two-place number.

Disappointment of round

Baltic Kaliningrad - the Dynamo Bryansk 0:0

the Boring match has finished curious a press - conference of trainers. If the trainer of visitors Alexander Smirnov has been disappointed by result its vis-a-vis Sergey Frantseva were more afflicted with another: the whole staff works For us. We do cuttings on action of this or that player of the contender, we collect the information, we assort on stones each key figure, and what in practice? Here with the Dynamo counted that in the field there will be at once six recent football players of premieres - leagues, and all of them six have not appeared. And what for we assorted their actions?

round Citations

Khimki - Gazovik Orenburg 2:1

I now not in that mood that something to make comments! - the instructor of visitors Konstantin Galkin has declared after a match. Its disappointment is clear: Debutants FNL have in many respects surpassed inhabitants of Khimki, have opened the account and supervised a game course, but for 15 minutes have up to the end allowed owners to recoup, and already during compensated time have passed solving ball. the helmsman owners was much more talkative. Here is how he has commented on Alexander Danishevsky`s successful exit which has given a goal pass and has hammered itself: Not always the sensible mind moves me when I do replacements. And in general when something I do. For myself I have resolved during a match that Gazovik it is necessary to beat. Therefore from that minute me moved only emotions .

the Person of round

the Torch Voronezh - Ural Mountains Ekaterinburg 0:0

In the end of 2010 in mass-media there has passed the message that the owner of an UEFA Cup and the winner of a Champions League in structure to Port Edgaras Jankauskas has finished career of the player In connection with traumas and intend to declare itself in a trainer`s field . However, at once it was clear that the eminent Lithuanian has gone in American Nju - England Revoljushn that is called, to finish. And here February news about returning 36 - the summer forward in the big football has been apprehended as sensation.

Yesterday the former player the Benfika to Port Real of Sosedada Nitstsy Brugge Hartsa and other known clubs left on a football lawn for the first time for ten months. However, all for 17 minutes during which it and did not manage to punch on collars. I do not have claims to Jankauskasu though its debut to estimate difficult enough, - has told after a match of Sarsanija. - On such game it is difficult to expect something outstanding from any player. The field was concrete, and to show beautiful football on it it is impossible. I am disappointed .

Other matches of round

the Beam - Energy Vladivostok - the Pearl 0:1

Both commands could win Sochi, but inhabitants of Sochi have gained played in due time for the Beam the goalkeeper the Czech and defender Veshtitsa who has hammered by a head. the Pearl has finished a series from four matches on departure with nine points.

Mordovia Saransk - Nizhni Novgorod 3:1

Sarantsy have caught up Alaniju having typed in four matches of the house of 10 points.

SKA - Energy Khabarovsk - CHernomorets Novorossisk 1:0

Visitors remained ten together after removal already on 30 - j to minute, and even competent game has not allowed them to keep a collar in defence on the lock. CHernomorets Till now has not typed any point.

Volgar - Gazprom Astrakhan - Yenisei in Krasnoyarsk 1:0

the Victorious ball astrahantsy have hammered for two minutes till the end of a match.

Position of commands after four rounds: Alanija Mordovia - on 10 points, Khimki the Pearl - on 9, Siberia KAMAZ SKA - Energy a Torpedo M - on 7, SHinnik Volgar - Gazprom Nizhni Novgorod - on 6, the Torch - 5, the Dynamo Gazovik the Beam - Energy Ural Mountains - on 4, a Torpedo Vl - 3, Baltic Yenisei - on 2, CHernomorets - 0.

Matches of the fifth round will take place on Monday, on April, 25th.