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the Organizer of the auctions - the competitive managing director Open Company the Work Center (an INN 3810036579, a check point 381001001, OGRN 1043801433411) Ivasjuk S. D (the address: 664007, Irkutsk, street D. Events, of. 25; arb_upr@mail. ru, bodies.: (3952 20 - 40 - 49) informs on carrying out 25. 08. 2011 in 9. 00 ch. (Time Moscow) the auctions in the form of open auction with the open form of giving of offers on the price for increase on sale of the property belonging to the debtor on the property right.

the property is realised by a uniform prize .

the Subject of the auctions the Prize 1 :

the Filter sorbtsionnyj FS - 1 (inv. 00000061) - 35, 78 roubles;

the Filter dust FP - 1 (inv. 00000062) - cost of 35,78 roubles;

the Bag - a wardrobe trunk (inv. 00000063) - cost of 1 519,16 roubles;

TKA - PKM (model 08) pulsmetr - ljuksmetr the manager. 08743 (inv. 00000056) - cost 4 158, 23 roubles;

TKA - PKM (model 02) ljuksmetr - jarkomer the manager. 024881 - cost 2 438, 06 roubles;

Measuring instrument PZ - 50 In (intensity of a field of industrial frequency) the manager. 1179 (inv. 00000054) - cost 16 980, 83 roubles;

the Measuring instrument VE - metre - AT - 002 the manager. 280207 (parametres electric and magnetic water) (inv. 00000057) - cost 13 833, 33 roubles;

Measuring instrument ST - 01 manager. 89907 (intensity) an electrostatic field) (inv. 00000058) - cost 10 092, 80 roubles;

Meteoskop the manager. 03606 (a measuring instrument of parametres a microclimate; humidity, temperature, pressure, speed of an air stream) MES - 200 (inv. 00000059) - cost 21 703, 33 roubles;

Small-sized the counter of aeroions MAS - 01 the manager. 103707 (inv. 00000078) - cost 17 672, 73 roubles;

Printer NR LJ 3052 Q 6502A (inv. 00000009) - cost 3 361, 68 roubles;

AXT the system block (196#1) 30 (inv. 00000049) - cost of 5 887,10 roubles;

the Condenser microphone (inv. 00000060) - 16 151, 25 roubles.

initial sale price makes 113 870, 08 roubles.

a step of auction of 10 % of the initial price.

the auctions are spent in the electronic form on an electronic platform of Open Society the Center of development of economy ( B2B - Center ) The address in a network the Internet: http:// www. b2b - centre. ru.

the Winner of the auctions the participant who has offered the highest price admits.

to participation in the auctions are supposed legal and the physical persons in due time made an application and applied on it documents in electronic form, and also brought the deposit.

for application and possibility to take part it is necessary to be registered by the auctions preliminary on the Internet - a resource http:// www. b2b - centre. ru.

the Demand moves to the operator of an electronic platform in electronic form and 01 minutes 19 are accepted from 00 o`clock. 07. 2011 for 23 hours of 59 minutes 22. 08. 2011 g (time Moscow).

the Application form for participation in the auctions is made out according to item 110 FZ About an inconsistency (bankruptcy) and the order of Ministry of economic development and trade of Russia from 15. 02. 2010 54.

On the demand are applied: documents it agree item 110 FZ About an inconsistency (bankruptcy) and the order of Ministry of economic development and trade of Russia from 15. 02. 2010 54.

the Applicant is obliged not later than 23 hours of 59 minutes (time Moscow) 22. 08. To conclude with the organizer of the auctions the contract of the deposit by signing of contract ETSP placed on an electronic platform 2011 or to direct the deposit into the account specified in the given message, without representation to the operator of an electronic platform of the signed contract on the deposit, such payment is considered the acceptance of the contract on the deposit, placed on an electronic platform.

the deposit should arrive on following requisites: r/ with 40702810400002355901, Open Society VostSibtranskombank Irkutsk, to/ with 30101810700000000849, BIK 042520849, in the sum of 10 % from the initial price of sale of property not later 23. 08. 2011 inclusive.

auction Results are brought in day of tendering and made out by the report on results of tendering which affirms the organizer of the auctions and takes place on an electronic platform.

the purchase and sale contract should be concluded within 5 days from the moment of its reception by the winner of the auctions.

payment is carried out by the buyer not later than 5 days from the moment of signing of the contract of purchase and sale and it is considered made from the moment of receipt of money resources into the account of the seller (requisites the same accounts, as for deposit entering).

the Additional information on giving of demands and property to learn from the organizer of the auctions on the requisites specified above.